Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Still in office

Its 9.10PM now and I am stilll in office. Not feeling like going home. The day was tight as usual. Went for a training course for the whole day from 9 to 5. Then came to another office and was working for another hour. Talking with the PM. Nothing important. But the usual ones. some more tasks assigned for me. I am spending lot of time trying to find time to manage time. And now.... watching trailers in www.apple.com/trailers. Looks like lot of movies are on the way. And to my surprise, there is "TMNT" whats that??? Check out yourself if you dont know yet. And by the way, I have started downloading some movies too. Why am I saying these? Dont know. But I want to say something. Atleast to find a reason to stay in office. Why am I not going home? Dont know. But I have a valid reason. I am writing this blog.
One more news. I have started writing blog in our Company's Intranet too. Posted my first blog about the successful two revolutions around my career. I can see that I have learnt a lot. And still lot more to learn. The journey continues and life will be going through a lot of experiences as before. Expecting some, dreaming a lot, waiting to see what the future holds. Or should I say, how I will shape my future.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Over the hedge

"I must
give the impression
that I have the answers
for every thing
You were
so disappointed
to see me arriving so easily

Its solely changed
Its solely every.... thing I loved
Its solely changed
I am only chang.... ing

You want something thats constant
And I only wanted to be me
But watch even the stars above thinks that I am still changing"

The movie with this beautiful song. I saw the movie "Over the hedge" on recommendation from Muthu. With much liking to animated movies, I had lot of expectations from this movie. And it was satisfying every bit. The story of a Racoon teaming(cheating) a gang of forgers to collect food to feed a bear. Short and simple. The characters reminds us of the Toy story, the first 3d animated full length movie. But the story was really good. Is the racoon an evil one? Its just trying to survive. But it misuses the gang's stupidity or ignorance as Verm corrects to get the food. Leaving the question "Is RJ good and bad?", the movie is a very funny one and some scenes are very emotional too. Especially the scene where the squirrel Hamie pushing away the extended hands of Verm and saying "I'm not stupid" touches everyone's heart. Few things that could have been done better are giving more importance to the rest of the gang. The feelings between the possum father and the daughter could have explained better and same for the porcupine family. Overall, an interesting movie to watch and laugh. "The tail is tingling!"

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Worldcup fever

Can anyone tell me why would they show not one but four best movies when the whole world is watching FIFA worldcup finals. With the major persons watching TV in UK tuned to BBC glued to their sheets cheering Italy and France who were making their best moves to lift the cup, I was watching the best movies I always enjoy to watch. There was "Stuart Little", "You've got mail" and "Honey, I shrunk the kids". But anyway nothing interesting happened in the match while I was watching the movies. I saw the two goals shot by France and Italy in the early part of the game. When the movie "You've got mail" was over, the extra time of the match had just finished and the team were getting ready for the penalty shoot. It was a disappointing ending though, will France losing the match at 5-3. Another game ended with "Anything can happen" penalty shootout. The other game was "England vs Portugal". That was a disappointment to the whole of England. I was watching the game from the street seeing the England fans with the flag painted on their face, wearing the team T-shirts and shouting "Go England!" It was fun. But again, a disappointment at the end. I couldn't understand why Beckam didn't go for the penalty shoot. May be he was afraid that he might fail. Too bad of him. It just left a thought, "Could England have won, if he had played the shoot" On the whole, it was a good tournament and everyone enjoyed it till the end. Italy won the FIFA worldcup 2006.

Meeting friends after long time

After being in UK for more than 7 months and even though some of the class mates are here, I didnt see them till yesterday. Rahini who came to Aberdeen last month is returning now and came to London for the return trip. Thats a good opportunity to have a nice time and we planned to meet along with Ranjith who is in leischer. Ranjith looked a bit more height. I have turned bit wider and Rahini has done both. There were lot of things to discuss and lot of news to know about. But as usual, we spent most of the time silent. Me and Ranjith were calm and let the teacher take over the day. Rahini remained the same and was hitting us like the good old college days. May be she became better. She tried to strangle Ranjith. Totally we all had an experience back to college time.
We had a good start for the day in Chennai Dosa restaurant, which gives the same environment as our local Saravana Bhavan. Same kind of chairs, tumblers and water mug, Similar menu card, Tamil speaking waiters and similar late services. Luckily today we took the Breakfast buffet and had unlimited idli, pongal, uppuma, dosa, vada with three chutneys and sambhar. That was wonderful. I think I had a stomach filling breakfast today after a long time. I was not much anxious about it as I had similar food in Swindon from our copsley group. But for Ranjith, he is having pure South Indian food after a very long time. He couldnt control himself and was enjoying to the most. After having a hefty breakfast, we started the tour with very little strength to walk.
The places we went includes London and Tower bridge, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and a local pub to have Pepsi(believe me).
One thing that never stopped in our tour was taking photos. We took lots and lots of photos experimenting Rahini's digital camera on the city of London. Though the climate was hot, it was a clear sky giving us a very good opportunity to try our photography skills. I think I took some cool snaps today. It came really well. I have to wait for Rahini to upload the photos I took in her camera to see them.
After a long walk around London city, and having a cool drink at the end, we departed our ways back to each other home. She would be starting to India on Monday 3rd and would be back in her own home. Wonder when I will be coming back. Just a thought.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Habit I couldnt stop

Everyone will have some habit that they will want to stop, but they wont. Or they cant. Its something like what Agent Smith says. "Its inevitable". I do have many of them and I try to avoid it at all times. But it happens as if though it was meant to be.
This particular habit showed itself since two years back. Everytime I get affected by it, I would swear that I wont repeat it again. But it wouldnt stop. Even our dubukku, the infamous t-blogger(Tamil blogger) had shown signs of such bad habits. The effect on persons like him would be very high compared to guys like me. But the reason for not able to avoid this habit is a very vaild one but also an obvious one which I am using every time I get caught. I do what most humans do. Blame it on something else. See even now, I am trying to blame it as a human nature. I think this is the most important thing I need to control.
Leaving that, the main reason for this post is to break that habit. Atleast by typing this message, I am improving myself and making sure I dont fall into the same habit again.
Anyway, here I give the same reason for the same habit that has occured again.
I was very very busy with the work, that I couldnt get time to update the blog. Lot of things has happened and numerous posts has to be written that will give you few days time pass reading the stories and events happening here. But as I said before, I am very much busy and I will try my best to keep away from the habit of asking excuse for not updating the blog often.