Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Perippa

He said not to be worried

He said not to be worried. He said it will happen. And it happened”. My aunt told me with a trance; a recollection of the miracle that she was told to have been witnessed by a priest. I shook my head feigning disbelief, fulfilling my role as a small kid listening intensely to her words, though obviously laughing in my mind. “Miracles – something that happens only in one’s dreams” I said to myself.

Years passed. Life has changed a lot and tough times were upon me and our family. Struggling to face the harsh reality, I stepped into our shop trying to sort out the finances. Looking at the account books, I realised that it has been a long time since I checked on our business and am very much an outsider now. I know nothing of the day to day activities and the numbers appeared strange to me. I looked at them like a small kid trying to work on algebra. I really needed my uncle to help me out. He would know everything and can resolve all our problems immediately. Without second thought, I raised my phone and started to dial his number. But the phone came out with the obvious message that he is not reachable. It was not unexpected and I became to wonder if there is any way to reach him now. Many Seconds passed and I just stood there in my own thoughts trying to figure out what to do. That’s when I realised there was someone at the front of the shop awaiting my attention. I turned around to face the biggest surprise of my life.

There stood my uncle, who I have been praying for help; the one I wanted to meet very dearly; the one who was not reachable until a moment ago; greeting me with his wide smile as always. I was dumbfounded would be an understatement. What is he doing here? How did he come? Before the words could escape from my mouth, he started with his answer already. “I realised you would need my help. That’s why I came.” He came close to me and held my hands tight. “It is ok. I am here now.” He assured with his smile. It felt heavenly with his touch. Then he went on to speak with the sales people who also were surprised by his visit. I just stood there listening to him talking to others acting as casual as any other day. I still could not believe he was there. He then took my hands and we walked outside our shop right into the neighbouring shop that sells toys.  It used to be a musicals sales store owned by a friend. We went inside and did not bother the shopkeeper who was not found anywhere. He might have gone outside. As he is well known around the place, he made himself comfortable in a chair and I seated next to him, still holding on to his hands. I don’t remember what we talked. But it was a beautiful conversation in heart. We must have been chatting for some time, when my other uncle, his younger brother almost walked past the shop without noticing us. A sudden sight of both of us together took him by surprise and he couldn’t believe his eyes. He slowly walked towards us trying to find words to speak. “Come here. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I know you needed my help. That’s why I came. It will be alright.” He comforted my astonished uncle as he said to me. We looked at each other and did not know how to respond.

I guess we then decided to go for a ride. With no destination in mind, we were just cruising on the highway road surrounded by green trees on both sides creating a pleasing view to the eyes. My younger uncle, still not outside the shock was driving the car in silence with his brother sitting beside him. I was sitting at my usual place, in the middle of the rear seat leaning myself to the front between the seats, with my hands still holding steady on my seated uncle. We just chatted as if the world is behind us and we are all alone peacefully. The topics were the usual ones that we always have on every single ride in the past. These ranged from the new happenings in computer industry and the technology world. We had a detailed discussion on the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4 and if it is really worth it. I was not silent this time and was warming up to him with our usual chitchats and laughs. After all, he is here anyway. So why be surprised and lose the time. It was getting dark now and we were driving through tunnels with lights brightening the path. Whatever we laughed about, whatever we spoke of, my hands never left him. So was my younger uncle slowly easing up to the moment and was having a good conversation with us. “Don’t worry guys. It will be alright”. My uncle again said in his comforting tone. We just smiled with small tears in our eyes. I did not want to remove my hands from him ever.

The day has dawned and I woke up to the dismay of the artificial light that shone in the bed room. There were real tears that had settled inside my eyes as I tried to open them. I was unwilling to face the reality. I wanted to go back to sleep to continue our peaceful journey. But it was time to wake up as there was lot to do for the seventh day prayers to my recently deceased uncle. As he said, he is here with us always.

Going back to the days of my childhood, I recalled the miracle that my aunt narrated. A priest of a small temple was very much devoted to God. He prayed when he woke up and right before he slept. Once he was invited to preach his subjects in a foreign country. He was very much looking forward to spread God’s wisdom and had planned for all the arrangements. But unfortunately with only few days left for this travel, his Visa application was told to be delayed and that he may not receive the Visa on time. Feeling very disappointed, he was in tears on the test placed on him and prayed to God for his help before he slept. On that night, God visits him in his dreams and comforts him of his sorrows and says “Do not be worried. Everything will happen as it is meant to be”. The priest was in a much better mood when he woke up that morning. He felt sure that he will get his Visa on time and everything will be sorted out. To everyone’s surprise, the Visa did get approved and was sent to him that very same day. The priest praised God’s virtue that made things happen as promised by Him in his dreams.

Was it really God in his dreams whose virtue saved the Priest? Or was it just a dream? Remembering my Uncle’s visit in my sleep that night, I wish to believe that it was God indeed.