Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's the day.... again!

  • It’s the day that you look forward for the next 364 days
  • It’s the day that truly is yours and yours only (until you get married... (and have a kid)).
  • It’s the day that takes loooong time to start and you pray that it takes a loooooonger time to end.
  • It’s the day that you just hope nothing goes wrong so that you won’t be jinxed for the rest of the year.
  • It’s the day you act like a king even though you are not and you will not accept it.
  • It’s the day that you want to be awake when it starts.
  • It’s the day that empties your wallet and damages your credit cards.
  • It’s the day you smirk like a celebrity tired of taking phone calls all day.
  • It’s the day when Beeps, Likes, Comments, Rings and Knocks are simply not enough.
  • It’s the day your friend turns into enemy temporarily for forgetting "it’s the day".
  • It’s the day your school teacher excuses you from doing homework, scoring low marks or being "you".
  • It’s the day you wait for the special someone to notice you.
  • It’s the day that you don’t want anyone to claim that it is theirs day too.
  • It’s the day to be embarrassed being sung the song in front of everyone, but still being bold enough to face it.
  • It’s the day that you have no reason to be proud of, but still get congratulated... (unless you are old).
  • It’s the day of surprises and acting to fake surprises.
  • It’s the day when sweets are on the top of the list and sometimes top of your head.
  • It’s the day that gives you cards, gifts, sweets and more.
  • It’s the day that becomes the worst when left alone away from the loved ones.
  • It’s the day that you makes you happy but scared when counting the age.
  • It’s the day when Joey cried "Why God? Why? We had a deal!"
  • It’s the day that you make wish blowing the candle(s).
  • It’s the day that you want to be declared holiday just for you.
  • It’s the day that you want to have the greatest fun in your life.
  • It’s the day that your parents want you to be the most disciplined as every other day of your life.
  • It’s the day that you go first on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
  • It’s the day to get beaten where the door might have hit you or the dog bit you.
  • It’s the day when only one thing goes on your friends mind.
  • It’s the day that called your birthday.
  • It’s the day you write this and someone will reply to the post saying,
Happy Birthday!

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