Monday, November 10, 2008

One more from iPhone apps

The world is getting smaller and more activities are coming inside the grasp of my hands. The above statement is not a metaphor as more day to day activities are done inside my palm these days, thanks to the free apps for my iPhone. From browsing on the go, finding routes in the fly to the Internet banking and recent tweeting features have made the iPhone a true companion. And here it is, the blogging application "Blog Writer lite" to keep my fingers busy with more posts for the blog. Another excuse for not blogging regularly is gone! Hope this keeps me attached to blogs for long.

Trivia: Do you know what is the next applicaion I wish to see in iPhone? ALICE - Artificial Linguistic Intelligent Computer Entity. The AI companion or simply a robot who can chat with you any time you need. Any iPhone software developers hearing me??????

Sent through "Blog writer lite" from iPhone.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

iPhone - Gloves insensitive phone

If you are one of those trying to find a reason not to buy the iPhone and neither the 70USD minimum monthly charge by AT&T nor the buzz of Google's Android is helping you, hear this out. As stupid or as trivial this might sound, it is still an important factor when you want your mobile to be handy in all weather conditions especially in the coming cold winter months. Yes. The touch sensitive screen of iPhone is incompatible with your woolen or leather gloves. So if you are walking on the street in the cold weather and your girl friend calls you, chances are very high that you cannot slide the answer button in the screen without hurting your fingers exposing them to the subzero. Though the Apple crazy lovers believe it to be a security feature that blocks unauthorized use of the iPhone by requiring the fingerprints on the screen, not everyone is ready to buy that. So here you go. Now you can be a fox reasoning that you did not eat the grapes because they are sour. All the best iPhone-haters.

As for me, I will be smart enough to use the earphones to attend the call while on the road.