Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Radiance of Love

What is Love? Is it an emotion? Is it a feeling? Is it an expression to show your affection to someone? Or is it just the overflow of hormones in the body? Each person defines it in their own way they see it. It is universal and known to every life being on the earth or at least that is what we limit to believe. Who knows if love extends beyond this material earth? Quite possible too. But still we have not defined Love. There is no single answer. Even science, the religion of all questioning could not find answer. It could neither prove nor deny its existence. It appears that Love seems to be peculiar that it can be expressed in both scientifically and through faith and therefore could not be answered as one. That makes it dual in nature. There are one another that exist in this way, viz Light. Light exhibits a duality in nature that wonders everyone. It is proved both as a wave and particle. Depending on the circumstance, it exhibits either of the characteristics that are still not understood by the scientists. For a human mind, which knows "Right" and "Wrong" as two distinct opposites, it still tries to figure out the dual nature of light.
Similar to Light, Love as a wave is not substantiated by weight. It acts as an emotion or feeling making an inner presence that cannot be quantified. It is a disturbance in the mind that affects everything and everyone around it. It makes you feel its presence by sheer vibrations in the heart. The heart of each person vibrates in a particular frequency that when met by a similar wave exhibiting the same vibration causes resonation to occur. Like a coherent wave, it matches the other keeping the tune synchronous with each other and plays music to the inner soul that is only felt between the two. It is not known but only understood. It traverses through obstacles reflecting and refracting through the universe reaching its destination. It is an emotion that cannot be answered why. It is expressed to be everlasting in nature and cannot be destroyed. 
On the other hand, a very arguable but apparent nature of Love is its existence as a particle. People who have accepted the wave theory as the truth find it hard to believe and deny this and few of those who have not realized the touch of Love on them doubt it. But against all disbeliefs and concerns, Love is also particle in nature. Though wave nature of Love could sustain its existence, the creation of Love and the continuity of it need a solid presence of showing itself to others. Sometimes, Love has to be quantified to prove its presence. When the waves could not create the bond between two beings at the first sight, it requires its particle nature to show the affection between them. And here, Love is not based on emotion but on an understanding. This does not make it any less than the former. It still has its radiance spreading in all directions but the source is a particle or a reason. In the motion picture, "Dan in Real Life", the author speaks of love as an "Ability". Love is an ability that you have to see if you can spread it to others. And it is not based on unexplainable feelings. It is the question of "Can you love someone?” To prove this statement, let us revisit the intrigued question of the whole world on the custom followed in India also known as "Arranged marriage". Though this is a debatable topic of its purposefulness or the closed culture or the human rights violation woos or the easy method to find a girl as argued by some others, the success of its practice and the happy families that are formed out of it raises our eyebrows that is it not the proof that Love is an ability and is based on our understanding and not on emotion? You decide upon your life based upon the decision already made before you have shared Love. If you could shower a person with care and true Love on facts and reasons, there exists the truth which beats the most widely considered belief of its wave nature. Though the wave nature may hold on to your long last first love keeping it felt forever, the particle nature teaches you that Love is an ability and it exists as long as you capable of showing it to others.
And again, similar to light, Love needs to exist as both wave and substantial quantum together all the time. It cannot sustain as one nature alone. The emotional love needs the particle nature to balance it from losing the logic of the worldly existence and the particle half must appreciate its wave half to keep it alive and truthful in the heart. Loss of one of its characteristic means loss of everything.

Without Light, life ceases to exist. 
Without Love, there is no point for the life to exist.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Double the surprise on a birthday!

There are lots of various surprises you can throw at a birthday party. You could invite someone that the b'day star does not expect; gift with something from their wish list; write a poem (only for your girl/boy friend); or even take them out to a place that they like the most. But these are to know how good you are. It is like writing a proof to say you are a 'nice' guy or 'lovely' girl. There is another category of bringing surprises which actually would shock the b’day star. And that could be "make them bath on rotten eggs and tomatoes; beat them to hell in the name of birthday bumps or make them sing in front of everyone knowing that a donkey can sing better. If I am given the power to throw one of these two extreme types of surprise, I would definitely want them to experience the second type. But yeah, my good heart mostly wins over the evil mind and would make me do something good which many of you might have experienced. I just want to let you know my intentions on your birthdays were spoiled by my good heart.
Now, coming to the event which is already overdue by 2 to 3 weeks in my blog, this is the birthday celebration of Satman. Getting to know about the birth date only a day before, I could not order a custom cake probably with my evil mind's work on it. But still, I wanted something to be different on the day. Being the main guys to trouble him in this town, it would be pretty obvious that there would be a birthday cake and all his friends would be invited. So after much thought, we finally decided upon the surprise to make sure that there will be no surprise and sent an IM message saying "If you don’t have any plans tonight, we will plan for your surprise party". And so on the night of October the 3rd, we consulted with him on whom to invite and what cake to order which turned out to be cheesecake. "Yuck!" said Vinayak and "I want chocolate cake" shouted back Srikanth. So when we went to our usual "Coldstone creamery" where people have started to identify us easily owing to the previous two birthday cakes we ordered in the past one month, we had tough time choosing the flavor. I sometimes wonder if Vinayak hates the word "cheese" more than the real cheese. And as everyone knows, Srikanth is a pretty tough guy (in a good way) once he decides on what he wants. With my good heart asking for Satman's favorite Cheesecake and Srikanth's thick stomach longing for the chocolate, we ended up doing what we have never done before. Also, we did the stupidest act in buying candles on the way back home. Before you can be all judgmental, please be assured that my good heart tried hard not to accept Srikanth's crazy ideas on both cake and the candles. My evil mind was all in glory and laughing happily when we reached home and prepared for the birthday party.
As if surprise never forgets to surprise, Satman was surprised with his two cakes on his 116th birthday which as per Srikanth should be read as twenty-six.

Click here to find the surprise

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple and Orange - I am available for chat only

This is what happens when Apple who has lot of work to do but do not have the mood do anything useful finds the poor Orange online who can be the perfect punch bag to pass time.

Orange comes online in Gtalk with the status message "I am available"
Apple: You liar! YOU ARE MARRIED!
Orange: what?
Apple: you are not available. Are you?
Orange: what????
Apple: I will have to tell your wife about this unacceptable behaviour
Orange: !! what are you talking about?
Apple: your gtalk status "I am available"
Orange: hmmmm
I am available for chat
Apple: but you didnt mention that clearly

Orange changes his status to "I am available for chat"

Orange: Happy now?
Apple: Still! you did not add "Only". Looks like you are available for more than chat.
Orange: that fine
Apple: that is not fine!
Apple: you must put "I am married and not available"
Orange: r u Apple?
Apple: yeah. I had tuna today.
Orange: then Apple

Orange changes the status to "I am available for chat only"

Orange: now fine??
Apple: thats better.
Apple: But if you are "online" then people know you are available for chat
Apple: why do you keep these stupid messages?

Orange removes the status message and returns back to the default "Available" status.

Orange: now fine???????????????
Apple: You are soooooo typical. Don't you have anything to say about yourself.
Orange: I AM FINE!

Apple gets relieved by passing the tensions to Orange and goes back to work happily.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Esnips music downloader

If Esnips restriction on only streaming and not allowing to download MP3 songs from their website is bothering you in getting all your favorite songs off the site, you need not be worried anymore.

Follow the steps mentioned in Esnips link generator and you are ready to download all songs.

Reading through Zuhaib (The original author)'s post on how he actually did it, the trick can be reproduced very easily.
  1. Take the link to your song in Esnips. It will be of the format, name
  2. Take only the long code present between "/doc/" and "/song  name".
  3. Put it instead of SONG_CODE in the below URL.
  4. Paste this URL in the browser or download manager to download your songs.
As the below trick is not a legitimate one, I have to put a disclaimer which I am not sure no one is going to care about. But still here it goes.

This can be used only to retrieve your own music creations which you uploaded to ensips in the past without "download" link. But now, your hard disk crashed and you lost all the songs leaving your ensips account the only source also for which you have forgotten the password before you could change the settings to get the download link. The author of this post does not encourage using the trick for any other purpose.