Friday, August 24, 2007

What-if theory

It all started with Satman’s “What if” theory which is “thought-while-not-working-during-work” theory to me. It is a crazy thought, but also a delight to the majority kind disliking the word called “work”.

The “What if” or “TWNWDW” theory states,

“In a not-so-realisitic world, there exists beings of two kinds, one getting paid for not doing any work and the other paid the same money for doing work, provided one is given a choice to choose between the two eccentric kinds.”

In simple terms, people can choose whether or not to work, though they will be paid the same either way. And the question he throws at you is “Which kind will you choose?”

As a person who believes in working not only for money, I will choose the latter kind obviously.
Though this might sound foolish to the other kind, before you get to answer the question, let us understand the theory in detail.

If persons of both kinds are paid the same regardless of doing work or not, then the money paid to the latter kind cannot be accounted for the work he does. Therefore money is not paid for doing work in this “what-if” world.
A person who chooses the latter kind will not be paid in money. But even in the “what-if” world, as the beings we are discussing about are only humans, there is always some benefit expected out of work. Remember there is nothing in the world called social service, because it avoids monetary benefits only. As the “What-if” theory talks only about the monetary benefits, there is an expectation on non-monetary benefits for doing work which the latter kind alone enjoys. This still makes the person on the latter kind getting better life in this “What-if” world.

As this explanation raised voices from the “I-like-money-with-no-work” communities, a new theory was created as advancement to the “what-if” theory. This is called “equi-benefitial what-if” theory.
You can provide your inputs, arguments, discussions and choice on the “what-if” theory now. We will discuss the “EB what-if” theory later.

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Raja Saravanesh said...

I guess whatif theory will make many feel what they really mean,,,,...