Thursday, July 26, 2007

I ain't saying Goodbye!

No good byes to the guy who made me buy 4 pants when I went home.
None of the pants that I had before fitted me and I had to choose between wearing the one in which I came from US for 20 days or spend 2000 bucks on four new pants. All because of his nutty fatty cheesy food recipes.

No good bye to the guy who broke my mirror and splashed water on my face when I was drunk.
It was the scene in the stage drama that made me act for a Telugu audience without any dubbinng. Please note that it was a dumb play. Dumb means literal dumb.... no speech.

No good byes to the guy who is proud of singing infront of others and is naturally talented too.
His songs in Telugu association are so famous that the organiser introduced him as the guy who irritated her by asking to stage time hundred of times.

No Good byes to the guy who snores next to me all night while I was left awake with work(Warcraft).
It sometimes irritates to see a guy sleeping peacefully and I am very much tempted to call his mobile and ask if he is sleeping.

No Good byes to the guy who is funny to watch attending calls from operations in the night.
When the phone rings, he will move his hand around them trying to find which of his three mobiles is ringing. When he finds one, he will sit and say "hello... yeah.. I will look into it". Then he would lie down and sleep without even opening his eyes all these time. I wonder what he said he would look into.

No good byes to the guy who always has yahoo messenger popping out of his screen.
Sometimes I would think that his sytem is malfunctioning if yahoo messenger is not seen.

No good byes to the guy who spends most of the time talking in his phone.
Though its a usual act for people after they get you-know-what, he is strange to be in phone 24 hrs a day.

No good byes to the guy who took more than 500 photos with his Sony W810i phone, but less 100 photos with his Canon A710 IS camera.
He didnt even open the new camera case and was waiting for auspicious time to click the first photo.

No good byes to the guy, a huge fan of Pheobe Buffay and her smelly cat song.
After watching me laugh at my laptop screen(it was showing Friends), he must have thought that I should be taken to a psychiatriast. But he joined me in the laugh very soon and allowed other roommates to think the same for both of us.

No good byes to the guy who asked about his return date to India on the first week he landed in US.
The story is known to everyone, thanks to the module lead who couldnt suppress his shock and tells it to each and every person he sees.

No Good byes to the greatest fan of Manicka, my kid sister.
His small chats with her always made me wonder who the real kid is.

No good byes to the guy who wanted me to learn cooking but never let me learn.
Atleast that is what I claim as he intervenes to help whenever I try to prepare a new recipe. He would have got afraid that he will have to eat if I cook.

No good byes to the guy who started blogging after coming to US.
He even named it as "My American Dateless Diary". But most of his posts are American-less. Not to forget his style which contains atleast 200 words per post.

No good byes to the guy who is going to get married in few months.
I still cant believe when he says its an arranged but turned out to be love marriage.

No Good byes to the guy, who shared more than just the room.
The laughs we had, the thoughts we shared, the food he cooked, the RMs he skipped will never be forgotten.

I ain't saying Good bye. I am saying Good Luck.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Whats wrong with me

Do you know whats wrong with me? I am asking about whats wrong with my blogs. Most(90%) of my posts center towards me. Of course, it is my blog and I wrote every post. So it talks about my views on everything that happens around me. But one must understand that as long as we talk about ourself in the blogs, it wont interest the readers. Tell me, who would really be interested in knowing about the author. Imagine, if the author of a thrilling novel starts saying "I think..." or "As I am the author, I am making the villian who is like me, die in the way I want by....." You would hope that the villian is actually me and you would kill me in the way you want.
My posts go in that way that makes people lose interest.
Please my fans, dont say that I am wrong. I am talking about the actual facts. Even I wont be interested in reading someone's blog if he/she writes more about themselves. I am definitely not a celebrity(not yet) to have my own autobiography. So I should try to make generic posts if I want my readers to visit the blog again. But is that the purpose of the blog. Something so that others can read. Something that will make your name heard in the internet world. Something people would send as forwards and something people will add in the internet explorer as favorites. I dont want that 'something'.
I dont even know why I am writing this post. But I just feel I should write it out. It is just for my own satisfaction. A place to vent out my thoughts, thought empty or useless it might be, its a place for my free thoughts. Posts that are not influenced by anyone and not worried if it might influence anyone.

Thats why I put up the warning.

"Free thoughts ahead. Proceed at your own risk"

PS: Count the number of 'I', 'my' and 'me' and you would know what I am talking about.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Sides of a coin


One writes mystical poems or no text and the other writes 8 pages of an essay.

[+/-] Because.... matter what, they convey the message to their audience which includes me!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ocean's 12 - Hindu Mythology

The first one sets the expectations. The second ruins it. The third destroys the last hope of the franchise. There are few to name for this. But there are few to name against this too. Especially when the second is based on a story from Hindu Mythology.

After seeing the most lucrative robbery in recent times(in movies) by the squad of Ocean's 11, I was wondering how will the addition of one more member help. So there came Ocean's 12. The movie starts of with no surprise. They are all hunted now and its time for payback. So naturally our boys get into business again. But wait. They are in for a surprise for there is some competition around. So to decide upon the winner, they call upon a bet. Whoever steals the egg, will be declared as "The Best". Thats a nice game. So the hunt goes on with more sizzles. Catherine Zeta Jones steals the screen while the rest try to steal the egg. But be clear that she is not the new recruit. So while you figure out who the 12th person is, let me tell you what happens in the last. The egg is stolen, they are caught by the cops and the villian is declared "The best". So who stole the egg? The Villian? Yeah. He even dances to get across the laser to reach the egg. But Ocean emerges as the winner. Because he didnt have to steal it. Are you not getting it????? Well... then you will have to watch the movie yourself. Its one of the best.....remakes of all time.

Coming to Hindu mythology, It is true that Lord Vinayakar got the mango easily by walking around his parents while Lord Murugan went on travelling across land and Ocean in his peacock. Ocean has learnt a lot from that.

[+/-] Specialis Revelio

Monday, July 2, 2007

The wait will be over soon

The wait will be over soon. The day will arrive and I will be back in the queue again but for the sequel. Of all the movies expected this year, this is the most awaited movie all over the world. And its less than two weeks away. When things cant go bad, it gets worse. Darkness encircles the wizard world. But not without an adventure in Hogwarts. Holding the breath to watch Harry Potter and Dumbledore duel with you-know-who.

And there is less than 3 weeks before "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" reaches my hand. Yes. I have pre-ordered it through Amazon.