Saturday, June 2, 2007

Superman - Returns better

When "Superman returns" movie was released, the feedback was so bad, that it looked like the franchise was let down by this sequel. Everyone made it appear as if Superman is history. But I liked the movie. It had good graphics, nice dialogues and proper cast. I always felt it was the hype that people created on that movie that let the ratings down. But then I saw the original 1978 "Superman" movie and I wonder what is the hype that can be created for that movie. The "Superman returns" and original "Superman" movie are very similar. Even the dialogues remain the same, may be to create a impression that its the same superman. Other than that, there is nothing great in the movie to make us feel that the latest sequel have let it down. I would say, the new movie has really improved the standards with awesome visual effects and better technology. Superman returned with his best. But the world chose to ignore him. I want a sequel soon.