Monday, April 24, 2006

Titanic: who are you?

This is not a review about the movie. I dare not comment on this magnificent masterpiece. I had started one of my New Year watching this movie again and again. It has everything that one can love. Every time, I see a masterpiece like this, I always try to match myself to some role in that movie. Sometimes, I would become a sidekick, a villain or may be even the Hero. I had thought myself to be the Kid in "The Matrix" and of course sometimes as the One.

I went to the CD store last weekend and I bought this movie DVD for 5 pounds. It looked cheap and worth every penny having it as collection. With still a project document to complete, I was tempted to watch this movie and I went on to travel inside the Titanic for 3 hours including the scenes after the Unsinkable sank. I was amazed that though I have seen the movie many times, I felt as if I am watching it for the very first time. It was so fresh and so amazing. Then the same thought came to my mind. If I had been given a chance to be someone in that movie, who could I be? I definitely am not Jack. I am not a Hero here. I am not sure if I am would have done the ultimate sacrifice for Rose.

My mind circled towards a few figures in the movie and I looked more fitting to be Col Hockley or Thomas Andrews. Col Hockley was the rich fiancée who was shown mostly as the villain. Funny to think, but I didn't see the villain part in him at all. As he says he is just a Business man with a different attitude from Jack and Rose or perhaps the common. And I don't say that my thoughts match him. It's his attitude that matches me. "A real man makes his own luck" he says. And that's the best thing I believe in this movie. Whatever happens, it's always you who drives you. I saw myself saying that in the movie and I couldn't match any other role in the movie. And one cannot doubt his love for Rose. He indeed loved Rose than anything. The priceless diamond bought only for her. Not to forget the scene in which he didn't board the life boat, turning back to find here scolding himself for looking for her. He really loved her. It's only that, his meaning of love was different from the meaning of love for Rose. I also imagined myself as Thomas Andrews. I don't know why. May be because he is the one of those who were so proud to build "The Ship of all dreams". May be, because he is the one who says the words that he could never have imagined to say in his lifetime. "Titanic will sink". I saw in him what I am when I am proud and what I am when I had made the biggest mistake and felt guilty for whatever that might happen. If I think more, I feel that I am Thomas Andrews at heart but Col Hockley at my mind. My mind is always about logic and business where my heart balances it attracted towards the lovely outside world. In the end, I am both.

So who do you think you are in the movie? Tell me. You can think of yourself as Jack, who dies for his Love or Rose who gets freed from the unreal world around her or the Captain of the ship or Rose's mom or Jack's friend Fabrizio, "The unsinkable Molly Brown", the musician who plays the song "Nearer My God To Thee" or even Sven, the fortunate unlucky who loses the ticket in the poker game to Jack. Who do you think you are?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Whats that?

What could that be? Is it a notebook? Is it an MP3 player? Is it just a plastic case? What is it?????

You tell me!!!!

My biggest worry for entertainment is solved now. Thanks to..... you tell me!

Updated on 24/04/2006: Thats a Freecom Classic mobile 2.5" 40GB external harddisk which is similar to scientific calculator in size. I am using it as the backup device for all the movies I have so that I can install more games and have fun.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Now Apple can have windows

Apple computers is what makes me feel heaven. Whenever I look at it, it always stands out as if thought its not earthly at all. It shows itself like a out of this world invention beating every other gadget in the world. I still remember my first click on the imac G4 with the transparent optical mouse. Even using the mouse was so smooth. Apple have always made me wonder. What kind of ingenious guys does Apple have to show difference in every area they go. Starting with the personal computer to the music gizmos.

When Bill Gates was talking about the cool interface that XP will have, Steve Jobs had a promising smile from his end. XP was cool. It was stable. It was easy. It was quick. But it wasnt a cool interface. Its just a cool skin. Then I saw Mac OS X. A transition from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X was unbelievable. Its not an upgrade. Its an entirely new operating system. The Aqua interface still makes me say wow!!!!!

But I do know the drawbacks of Apple. Its not suitable for tech guy like me. I mean, I need windows for work. Apple hasnt been concentrating on attracting the developer area. So not many tools are available for the developers. Thats makes me feel sad that I cant invest on Apple yet. But it looks like the gap between Apple and Windows is reducing now. Will the introduction of mac with Intel processors, it is now possible to boot windows in iMac.

Sometime back, there was a competition for running windows on Intel imacs and a hacker won the prize. And this is not the big news at all. One month after this, Apple announced a new product called Bootcamp which allows you to install windows in your imacs. Coooooooooool. Is this a cool move or a suicide step?? Its surely a cool move. This move doesnt mean who can go ahead without Mac OS X. You will need Mac OS X to install windows. So its just a enhancement and not a replacement.

Apple is moving higher again. Lets see how the market will be when Apple ships this Bootcamp in its next major release of Mac OS X: Leopard.

Waiting for the bootcamp eagerly.


Its a busy time over here and I didn't want to be distracted for sometime. Thats why the long 10 days gap with no updates. Anyway, Couldnt resist myself from updating the blog and using the few mins I got here.

So here we go again. This time, I am giving my input on another bizarre, unrealistic thoughts that arise in my always-thinking-or-dreaming-something mind.

Have you ever wondered how an alien from space looks? Of course. Everyone would have imagined that. Or atleast agree with any idea of an Alien thats projected by great hollywood. Can those things be real? Do aliens really exist in this silent universe which is considered to have life only in this planet earth? Again, i cant guarantee you anything here. But as usual, I will put my views. (Looks like I am escaping all the time Wink)

Can you notice that in most or all of the movies, you can compare the alien with an earth creature or may be a combination of two or three earth creatures. Many aliens have many legs like a squid or may be a tongue like a lizard able to pull the humans with its tongue. Some aliens resemble human the most with legs and arms and to support thats its still an alien, it might have large round eyes which humans dont. But think again. We do see humans with round eyes in cartoons. Tongue So whats happening here. Movies create aliens with the imagination of an art director and not a scientist.

I recently read a novel, "Andromeda Strain" by Micheal Chrichton. The novel made me think more on this topic. When I was reading the book, I had to nod my head more often agreeing to the points he talks about. Ok ok.... Let me come to the point.

The novel talks more about viruses and bacteria from space which can also called as aliens. Rememeber the definition of alien. "Anything that doesnt belong to your own place is an alien." So its highly probable that we can take that viruses and bacteria from space as aliens. But wait. I am not saying there are any discoveries of micro organisms from space. But I feel that there might be a higher possibility of micro organisms from space rather than our own assumptions of aliens invading earth with a space ship. Keeping away the idea of micro organism aliens, lets discuss on the possibility of our movie stars (aliens).

Most movies show aliens as green with oval shaped head and no hair. They have large eyes and small mouth. The reason I feel behind this is whoever gave this idea, just wanted to make sure it resembles human. Even the color is given green. But the artist has again depicted another earth creature. It looks more like a standing frog.Big Smile

So how can the aliens look like, if they still exist. Looking at a scientific perspective, The appearance of humans and every earth creature is influenced by the climatic condiitions that surround them. So if there is an alien out there, it should be appearing according to its habitat. And no ones knows whats a suitable habitat for an alien. Also if there is alien outside, how could it be a single species. In earth, we have thousands of species. So there should be thousands of species The limits of imaginination about ET is infinite. But one strong feeling that I have about ET is that humans have an equal possibility of finding an alien to the way the aliens can have a possibility of finding us. And what is the possibility of these to happen is out of calculation. So lets look at the stars and wonder if there is a space ship waiting to pull us in the same way the aliens are looking at the stars.

If you have already got bored reading this post, bear with me. I have a few more time left and I want to talk more on this.

This is a more bizarre thought or may be the most bizarre thought you can digest. What if we are living with aliens? No no.. Dont go to "Men in Black". I am not talking that way. But just think about this. From when do we know about Infrared and microwave rays?? When do we know that the air is composed of oxygen and other gases. Its all learnt. Its not that we experienced on our own. Till the time, the existance of microwave ways were proved, we didnt know it doesnt exist. But they were still there and they are always there. So why cant there be aliens which or who are here though you cant feel them. May be like what some games call it, "Realm". What if there is more than this physical world. What if there is a "Spirit realm" where the same world exists in the same place at the same time, but its all different. Cant we call the living in that realm an alien. But all that matters is how to make the "Contact". I dont know if this concept can be true. Buts its just not proved that it doesnt exist. In science, anything thats not proven doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Its just may have not proven, including the existance of God.

PS: If any alien is reading this post, please leave your comments. If you are not able to write the comments or read them properly, please make me feel of your existence by any way that you know.