Monday, May 16, 2005

XXX2: State of the Union - Review

It's the Jamesbond at his worst. After seeing the hit of XXX, they thought a sequel would also be a hit. Bad guess. This time, the story starts with an attack at the XXX base itself. Our XXX lead Samuel Jackson and his comedy sidekick, who imitates the gadget creator for Jamesbond alone escapes. Now they want a bigger XXX. Where do they go. They go to jail to pick up our hero who was working with Samuel in his military life. So, the XXX base itself relies on our hero from the start of the movie itself.
When the NSA starts investigating the XXX case, we can find a real smart guy leading it. You will easily wonder how can there be a smart person in NSA when ONLY our hero can be smart in this movie. Don't worry. Even NSA will fall to the knees of our hero at the later part of the movie. Now coming to the story, it's our bad guy, who was the commander of the team in which our XXX and XXX head worked is trying to take over USA. And he is now the Department of Defense minister. He is trying to kill the US president and blame it on the ex soldiers that includes XXX, XXX head and others. Cool idea. Even NSA cant do anything now. NSA smart guy also comes to our hero for help. First XXX head asked for help. Now NSA. Our hero is the only person who can save the nation. So, our hero with his friends fight against a huge army and save the US president and the nation. The end. The audience were killed anyway.

Things that you cant digest in the movie:

  • Racer boat flying in the air and landing on the bridge with our hero still holding the steering and not even showing any shock of the crash
  • Chasing a bullet train and using the rails to speed the car. Car owners hear this. Remove the rubber tubes and your car can run on rails.
  • When crashed into the train, our hero walks into the train with no sign of the fast wind that blows against him. Only the car can feel the wind and it blows up.
  • Why does a stupid NSA agent climb down to the train from a rope when he knows the enemies are armed. Is this what they call sacrifice and Passion. Stupidity
  • Last but not the least, do they keep Bazooka in helicopters????

Overall, the only person who will be happy to see this movie is our Super hero of Tamil film industry Vijayakanth. He has got the right director for his next action film.

Weekend in Hyderabad

Its the first weekend in Hyderabad. Staying in a completely different environment from my usual Bangalore, I felt wondering what I could do the two days without computer. Staying inside the room all the day is cruel for me. But walking in the hot sun is hell anyway. Surprisingly, the whole saturday went like a breeze with thinking about somthing lying in the hotel itself. And then came the sunday. Not ready to loose the whole day again, I set out to fight the heat with my sun glasses. I walked to my brother's home and succeeded in the fight against the sun. We had the strawberry sundae to cool us down against the day sun.
Happy lunch it was, we were chatting in the evening till it was time for my brother's friend to leave for chennai. So we set off to leave him in the bus stop and went for the ride towards the city. Atlast, I was back on my usual weekend, roaming without any specific destination. And here, we ended in PRASADS, the entertainment complex famous for the IMAX movie complex. Though we were not interested in watching movies that day, we just roamed around the shops and took snaps all over the place. We took photos infront of posters, shops and anywhere we think good. We even took photos eating snacks and we were having great time exploring the photography skills in us. Snaps went on and on with us saying cheese all the way till the camera said "No memory". We had to stop this time, as we have deleted most of the existing snaps that were already copied to the computer. Completed the day with snacks and snaps, we set back to home with the Pizza in one hand and Sprite on the other. Thats what I call a enjoying weekend.

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