Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rock-a-bye baby Prem

It's really a perfect time for treat. It's been a week since we had a treat. It is a loooooong gap for us. So when we were looking who is going to give the treat, I got a call from my cousin brother. It's good news. This top management guy who keeps on looking at the customer relationship has got a new relationship and he is promoted to Father. Now he has to learn to sing "Rock-a-bye baby" rather than making charts to his peers. Its time for him to change the baby's diapers than to change the projection charts for the day. A busy man commanding all the day at office is going to have sleepless nights listening to the crying of the baby. I am very happy to hear the news.

As delighted as I am, I sent the message along with my morning SMS forwards to all my friends. That's it. Before afternoon, I had an army invading my cubicle. The army consisted of Silpa, Veena, Ramesh and Gokul. That's a big army. I felt my base (pocket) trembling. As the army approached my cubicle, I understood their target. Treat. I tried to show a fight. But with the big army approaching, I was defenseless. First we had a small talk. I was not ready to surrender. I am not the person who should give treat today. It's my brother. I was trying to redirect the missiles to my brother. But the target couldn't be changed in those self guided missiles. Damn it. When I tried to put a fight, Gokul held me away from the system and Ramesh was writing a mail from my system. The mail was short and sweet. "Coffee Day treat today My Brother had a sweet baby boy…." The missile is sent and it hit the target. Mission complete. Happily they went to their base waiting for my surrender. And I did the same.

The treaty of new born baby party was formed by 5:00 PM and there was the treat in Amul. We enjoyed the party and we had a nice time as usual with me doing the honor of paying the bill. The funniest thing was we were shooting pictures with my new digital camera and I got the funniest cartoon faces that anyone may need (lighter side please). To add to the fun, Silpa took photos of me paying the bill. When we saw the photo, we were no where to be seen. There was only a girl in focus. And at last, after searching with a magnifying glass, we could see me and Ramesh at some corner in that photo. Great photography from Silpa. With all laughs and treat we left back to your cubicles thanking and wishing the new born baby who made everyone's day happier.

PS: I really wanted to give treat on this special occasion but I felt that I was not the right person as it was my brother who has to give the treat. That's why all this fuss. Welcome to this wonderful world by Nephew.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Sitting idle is a tough work for me. It's near to impossible. I got bored as the onsite server was offline today. Didn't have any work to do except checking the manuals. It was like a person who is living in a desert and never had seen more than a bucket of water writing a thesis on Art of swimming. Completely idiotic. I lost interest in reading it in few hours. So I decided to test the messaging network in the office. And surprising I had company who is also bored. It's our new team member Sai Ranjan. If anyone of you get bored in your office and you have msn messenger, you can try this. Start with the formal introduction. "Hai" "What are you doing" "any update?" When he was typing the reply, you can find the notification that he is typing a message on the status bar. Immediately send him the message "You are typing a message". His reply will be "yes". Then you send the message "you typed a message". When he tries to reply back, Check the status bar and send "You are typing a message". And when he finishes typing, send "You typed a message". Continue this as long he keeps messaging you. He may shout and scream. Cry and become mad. But you must never loose your neutral stands. All you can send is "You are typing a message" and "You have typed a message". May be when he types two messages faster, you can send "You typed two messages". If he tries to ignore your messages, you send "You are not typing a message". If he still doesn't reply back, try mailing with the same message on the subject line. He is sure get steam from his ears. This should keep you busy for hours. Try it now and get rid of the boredom in your office.


Thursday, April 7, 2005

Coming soon

I know I know. Its been a long time, since I blogged. I am bit busy (what else can I say for excuse). Even now, I am not ready to write any blog. So I will just run the trailers and teasers of the blogs that will be featured soon.

  • Techies on the pitch - Cricket match played within our department. My first cricket game in the office.
  • It's the time for Bangles – Sangeetha Anni Valakaapu
  • Treat strikes back – The ball of treat has returned to my court.. not to eat but to pay… the story that made the manager a financier for his success in the examinations.
  • Men don't talk and Women can't stop – a day with college friends
  • The stars are brighter – Secret
  • Movie review: Black – The color of someone's life
  • Movie review: Aviator – If dreaming is your Passion and making it real is your life
  • Black – The color of my monitor
  • Flashback: The cup of joy – The Cricket cup I held high in my school
  • Bus bus KSRTC bus – Waiting for the bus to take me home

So keep clicking this blog and I will back soon.