Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The judgement day

After more than a month of training whch was more like those good old college days, we had the tough and troublesome days of college, the exams. The comprehensive exams were not similar to our college exams in which stories and drawings can fetch you more marks. This is very different that needed more of your knowledge than more of ink in your pen. The exams coupled with the project with me as the project leader made me busy with my mind running between project and exams. With the project teaching me how to manage your project team, the exams were teaching me how to sharpen your knowledge. We also had to learn how to work on probabilities while choosing the correct answer in one mark questions.
With all the preparations set, we had the exams on last thursday and friday. Everything went fine until we started discussing the answers. I was thinking that I got Visual Basic and Oracle practicals test correct. When the discussion started things started showing larger holes in the baloon that made my marks pour out faster and faster. The two marks written test was nothing more than our college exam with everyone finishing it in 10 mins and waiting for the time to leave the hall. The one mark test was fun with each of us applying the probabilities to find whether to attend the question or not. If there is a chance of atleast 50% in getting the answer to the question right, answer the question. Or else apply the probability of loosing the mark by attending it. The probabilities went on and on and I attended 48 out of 50 questions with the remaining two having only 20% probability of getting the mark.
With the tests over, we had to wait till monday evening to get the results. And the results are out. Everyone bit their nails(if they have) or even other's hands because of tension(as they claimed so). I was cool as usual ready to face any thing that may come up. The cool face suddenly froze when I saw the marks of 85 in the screen. My eyes blinked. I was not sure if I saw it right. But anyway its just two numbers and I cant be wrong reading it. I was wearing glasses too. And I am way above reading the numbers properly. It is 85. I got A grade. That was a happier moment.
Suddenly some reminders flashed into my mind as I have promised many for a treat if I get A grade. And to Vijayalakshmi, I have promised one treat for every mark I get above 70. I made this promise to get two treats from her as she got 72. Oops.. Now she is going to ask for 15 treats. Anyway, for friends treats are fun. I like it. For I am accustomed in getting it from others very often. Off we go for a treat now.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Pray with Hope

Dice is rolled.

Cards are played.
Pawn has been moved.
Ball is bowled.
Swords are clashed..
Victory or Defeat..
We Pray with Hope

Compre results awaited.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Compre exam today

Trust your Skills.
Value your Knowledge.
Believe in Hardwork.
Aim for the Peak.

Compre is Here.
We never fear.
Let everyone Hear.
The Victory is Near.

All the Best!

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Think again

Project Leader's words:





"WHY NOT?????"







You think........

"Why can't he just DIE!"

He grins....


Wednesday, March 2, 2005

The lesson

Three days of duty,
Four hours of meetings,
Seven members as Resources,
Eight modules to Look at,
Nine days as deadline,
Ten times the hard work

Makes one Project leader
Learn hundred of skills.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Never curse your Project Leader

Never curse your Project Leader.
For they are the most troubled worried and sweared person in the project.
This time, it is myself, acting as the Project leader

for the Mock Project in our training.

After half an hour of meeting
Nothing came out fruitful except
My head started spinning
Trying to understand the client's requirements.
Praise the Lord!
Raise for the Project Leader!!!!!