Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Treat, my Scooby-snack

"I will give you a treat in Coffee Day, if you do it", Sheeba said. "Treat", the magical word that will make me do anything. Its like a Scooby-snack to me, bringing new strength and power. I said "Deal".

Today evening, I am going to taste my favorite cake.

Me and Sheeba were arguing whom should call Hari, our module lead and tell about the document we prepared. It was not at all what he had expected and that was evident in his reply to our previous mail. Sheeba was trying every way to make me call him. But I was very much stubborn on not doing that until she told me those delicious words "I will give you a treat in Coffee Day, if you do it".

With the Scooby-snack ready, I solved the issue easily by making the call and telling him the news. "Treat" is just few feet away from me now. Then, I decided to play a game on Sheeba.
I asked Boopathi to ask her for a treat like she promised for me. Boopathi got into the act easily and started demanding Sheeba. Others who were listening to the conversation could easily pickup the magical word "treat" from it and the same became a multiplayer one with Karthik, Sreeja, Ramya and Ramesh getting into the act. With everyone aboard, its time for Sheeba to empty her purse. The treat was not that big to empty her debit card anyway. With Sheeba trying to sneak out of the plan, all of us surrounded her and stopped any chance of her escape.
No way to escape she atlast gave everyone of us a good treat in Coffee day. I tasted my cold "Black Forrest" Cake with the sight of hot steam from Sheeba's ears. I have to stay out of sight from Sheeba for at least 2 days if anyone really want me to see alive on the third day.

Moral: Nunalum than vaaiaal kaedum