Monday, November 22, 2004

Gone are those days…. But not our memories

Gone are those days
When we come late to class
It just meant the class started earlier

Gone are those days
When one person talking
Its 66 persons sleeping(Save a few)

Gone are those days
We wait for girls to finish the assignment
To copy them at the last minute

Gone are those days
We need to get out of class
But on duty in the attendance

Gone are those days
We long for the next hour to come
For the lecturer is boring in the present hour

Gone are those days
We want functions once in a week
For we can go on duty for the rest of the week

Gone are those days
We want the HOD to take action
By placing the request before the Secretary

Gone are those days
Someone will talk about Simran
When the lecturer wants to talk about C(She)

Gone are those days
CAT doesn't mean Continuous Assessment Test
But Class Amusement Time

Gone are those days
Life can never be better
When CAT marks are said as not to be considered for internals

Gone are those days
When project centre will be very busy
People getting ready to kill each other(in Quake)

Gone are those days
When exam is one and a half hours wait for
Three hours chat in the canteen

Gone are those days
When celebration comes with great sounds
feeling claps on your backs(pothu maathu)

Gone are those days….
But not from memories

More memories to share...
more feelings to realise…

but no more time to dream….
Work at hand pushes me to end this.

To be Continued…..

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Diwali blasts off in office

Diwali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The festival of lights!!!!!!!!!!!! It's supposed to be candle lights. But for me, it was the usual, solar and Neon lamp lights!!!!!!! I celebrated this Diwali with my employer Infosys. Pulled off from my dreams of celebrating the Diwali with my family and enjoying the holidays with my friends, I was made to stare at the computer screen for yet another day that too on Diwali. While everyone was busy firing up the crackers, I was booting up my safe Windows XP. With everyone watching television shows, I was watching my reports giving results that are testing my brain to the max.

The fine day started as usual, with me waking at 8. I can recall my mom waking me by 5 in the morning to take oil bath. With a sigh, I got up to take bath. And once daily customs are over, I took my new dresses to the pooja room and prayed as I would have prayed with my parents and sisters on Diwali day. One thing that went missing is mom shouting at me watching TV though I was called many times to come to pooja room long time back itself. And only way, I will move is switching off the TV. I brought my mind back to this fine day with me alone performing the pooja with no camphor or bell or even agarpathi. Obviously, I forgot to buy any of these. But I didn't forget to buy the most important thing for Diwali. Crackers. There was my 200 wala and atom bomb waiting for me to get fired. I said, don't worry! Your purpose will be fulfilled soon.
I took the crackers and went downstairs with Gokul no interest in it. So, I gave him the post of photographer while I am playing with crackers. I lit the thread of the cracker with Gokul taking snaps as and when possible covering me in all directions. But the crackers were in a NEVER GIVE UP mood not firing up for a long time. I tried lighting it many times, but in vain. At last I lit the cracker directly and there went the boom with the 200 wala crackling up the entire street. Diwali has begun. Another of my usual Diwali ritual completed.

Its time for the next part of the day. Its OFFICE time. The walk was a short walk as any other working day but waiting for half an hour and no company buses turning up, I realized I have to get the town bus. Work in office was a brief one with me and my colleague working on our reports and testing on others and the day went off very fast. Of course, not to forget mails from our team members wishing for a Happy Diwali with a note at the last saying "I know you will be working in office by now anyway". I could just laugh at it. But our Project manager was kind enough to bring Diwali sweets for us and we enjoyed Diwali at last with sweets.

And to make me forget that I am away from my friends, many of my friends called me from the morning itself and I also called some who missed out in the evening. The one who was in the same solitude situation as me on that fine day, yet having the thought of wishing me was Muthukumaran. He had called my home in the morning (Indian Standard Time) but I couldn't answer it as I was held up in office. That's really very nice of him. Thanks to Yahoo! I am having my daily chat with him from office. The last but not the least to wish me was Keerthana. Actually I called her. It was just around 8 PM but she sounded fast asleep. She was blabbering in her sleepy voice, not even aware of who is on the phone. Silly though, she must have said the words hundred times that day, that she told "Happy Diwali" even without hearing what I was saying to her. To finish of the fine day, I blasted two atom bombs on the street and let the shock shake the walls of all houses in our street. The Diwali went quietly without any more crackers and I indulged myself into sleep to make a fresh start for next day's office.