Monday, July 26, 2004

Spiderman 2 - A peek

Its our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. This time, he is back to fight new villian Doc ock. If you think the story is going to be another explosive and demoltion plot, think again. For the film promises more emotional scenes rather than pure action.
Attention!!!! Sequel makers of super hero films, this is a film to remind you that people want something more than simple action. We need a story line with more emotions. The Story writers have made their part very well by giving a very good storyline to the new adventure of spidey.
Peter Parker struggles to run a normal life. He loses his job, misses classes, gets lower grades. All because of his inner being responsibility, Spiderman. He is on the verge of losing his love. Its time for our hero to make a choice. Its either Peter or Spidey. The spidey suit is put in the garbage(Oh! spidey).
But how can the superhero film run without Spiderman? It cant. Right. Spidey is brought back into action by the villian Doc ock, a multi-tentacled menace. He makes a deal with Harry Osborn, Peter's best friend to get Spidey in exchange of metal for his project.
Things go faster and higher then with webs flying all over the sky. The most remarkable scene is the fight between our spidey and doc ock on the train. Like the trailer rightly says that the hero will be revealed, spidey is revealed. But then, public promises to keep the identity secret. Choo chweeet of them.
The film is more of revelations with Peter confessing the cause of his uncle's death to his aunt, Hero being identified to Harry and MaryJane and Harry looking at the green goblin's suit in his father's(first part villian) room.
At last, our hero holds the hands of both his love and the web. If you think this is a fairy tale that ends with "And they lived happily ever after....",you are wrong. The director drops a scene with Harry and Green Goblin giving a hint that The game is not over and the web will spin again.With Great powers comes great responsibilities. And spidey tops the chart once again.

*The action scenes are more realistic and camera movements will take you to the ultimate spin.
*The storyline touches your heart and melts your feelings along with pumping up the adrenaline.

* Makeup was forgotten and Kirsten Dunst looks older in many scenes.* Spidey falling from some 100 storey building and just saying "OUCH!" is too fictional even for a super hero.
* The dialogue at the end was not at all nice with Mary Jane just saying "Go get it tiger" to our spiderman. Some importance could have been given to make some impression creating dialogue.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Infosys!!!!!! Here I come

Its time to become a professional. Its time to work rather than playing and watching TV. I am going to Bangalore to join Infosys. Already I am not blogging much and I wonder whether I will have time to blog at all. Dont worry folks, keep watching and I will surely be back with more blogs whenever I find time.