Sunday, January 25, 2004

I love u Buzzzzzzzz

It was a funny experience. As usual, I was signed in my yahoo messenger. Me and Anoop were working in Photoshop. We have to finish the job on that day itself. While we were working Vani came online and buzzed my messenger. Anoop was afraid that I will start the conversation. Vani is our friend and me and vani used to chat for a long time. He immediately closed the window and resumed the work in Photoshop. She buzzed again. Anoop got iritated. Now I immediately closed the window to reduce his irritation. After some time, there was Vani buzzing again. This time Anoop really got angry and told me that he will scold her if she buzzes again. I laughed and we continued our work. At last we have finished our work. Anoop went out of my room to refresh. Now Vani buzzed again for the fourth time. Then we chatted for a small time. I teased her that I am going to watch The Matrix Revolutions which she haven't seen even once. Then we stopped chatting for some time.
Vani always like to buzz in the messenger and she buzzed again for the FIFTH time. Oh! oh! This time, Anoop, Tirupur and many of my class friends are sitting near me. Suddenly a mischevious plan rolled into their head. They pulled me back and held me tight so that I cannot get near my computer and started the fun........
I can see X typing "I". I know what it is. Then he typed "L". Its that only. I got sure. I struggled. But nothing could break the tight hold of those big guys. And it went "I LOVE U" Oh no! He pressed the Enter key. i went through my computer, passed to the internet data center, got mixed in the internet, went to yahoo server and then marched straight forward to Vani's desktop and there it displayed "I LOVE U".Here we were all watching the screen intensively, waiting for her reply. As expected her reply was "WHAT?" Then X typed it again. Now we will get some interesting reply. Everyone was holding their breath. "Come on, Vani. Its not me. You know that", I said to myself. Then came the reply.
yessssssssssss!!!!!. Thats Vani. She is somewhat smart. I was laughing. Others were dejected. They were thinking of some other replies. But they didn't seem to give up so soon.Mow Mr.Y took the keyboard. He started typing great words and putting words directly from his heart which I know he got from his personal experience. But Vani is really smart. She is sure that its not me. He kept on asking who was chatting with my id. She told them that the words were not on my slang.A great war took between Vani and XYZ. I was laughing all the time. XYZ cannot succeed a bit. Vani is strong that its not me. After half an hour of our chat, we were hungry. I told thats enough and to my surprise they were also tired. "Ok! Thats enough!", they said and the war was over.
In the night she agani came online and I acted as I dont know anything about what happened. We chatted for a while, but I didn't say who were chatting with her.The fun continued the next day in our class. She has told the news to most of the girls and everyone was asking me and tirupur who the culprit is. We were too strong not to divulge the fugitives name. We had fun on this for the whole day and even on the next days.Now it all over. Tirupur was found to be the person and he took the entire responsibility and saved the other XYZ persons. Too generous of him.In the greatest war of all chats, I emerged as the winner. Vani the trusty friend made me win and XYZ can do nothing but surrender. She knows more about the true friendship. Whatever they told her, she was sure that it was not me. Thats Vani, my true friend.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Offer from Integra

The decision is not yet made. But now its time to make the decision. I have got the offer letter for appointment from Integra Micro Systems yesterday. Still dont know what to do. The main constraint is that only after 6 months of training and another 6 months on probation the job will be made permanent. And the salary increase will be made only at the end of first year. The two year bond still troubles my mind much. Our placement officer has told that I may not be allowed to attend on campus or off campus interviews arranged with the help of college. Though thats not much a problem, still there are hopes that Infosys and Hexaware will come for off campus interviews.I am worried that I haven't tried on these companies and confused whether its ok to settle in this company itself.
Life throws challenges daily. Everytime it gives a choice. Its up to you to choose one. Better make it soon and pray thats right......