Sunday, December 28, 2003

Dont forget the interview tricks

The day of the interview from Integra Micro Systems, Bangalore. Me and my friend Ravi kumar were waiting outside the interview hall. I already saw many students from other colleges preparing for the interview with many text books like Operating systems, Data structures etc. I just smiled. I just discussed some technical questions with Ravi. And I told him how to behave in the interview hall, as I had attended training sessions by Mr.Suresh Punjabi earlier which he have not. And the time came.
Ravi was called in. I waited outside and I was the next candidate. I tried to remember all the techniques needed to impress the interviewer.
Number one,

Before entering the hall, knock the door gently and open the door and make yourself completely visible to the interviewer and say," May I come in, Please?".

Suddenly, the door opened and a person called my name. I stood up and he asked me come in. He is the interviewer. My first technique went useless. He didn't even gave me a chance to knock the door.
Then, I remembered the second technique.
Dont sit down without being asked.
If he ignores that you are standing, say,
"May I please sit down".

Unexpectedly, while entering the hall itself, he showed me a chair and asked to sit there. Damn. The second technique went off.
And then, the most important one. Mr.Suresh Punjai told us,
"The last impression is the lasting impression".
I have to make an impact while leaving by saying " I have showed you the best of me and I sincerely hope you will consider me for the job. Thank you sir". But again the technique was lost. When the interviewwas over, and I was about to make my lasting impression, he said, " Nice meeting you, Jeykumar. Please inform the next candidate to come after a few minutes once you leave.". I was speechless. My greatest three techniques were lost in this interview. I just said, "Thank you sir" and left the hall.
Anyhow, I showed the truth inside me to the interviewer. I showed confidence in my face. I showed sincerity to my work and I showed him what I am.And that earned me the job. Thanks to Mr.Suresh Punjabi for showing me what I am.

Life is full of surprises

Happy moments mostly comes as a surprise. Thats true. You can never predict, when, surprises may come to you. It happened last week. We had an offcampus interview from Integra micro systems, Bangalore in Amrita college, Coimbatore. 80 students from our department and IT department were given the opportunity to attend the recruitment process. Got the details only at the last moment, we ignored it a bit and went there as if it was a tour. We sang songs and danced in the bus.
There there came the surprises..... In the aptitude test, I am one of the 13 selected fot the technical test.
Again a surprise....... Me and 2 of my friends cleared the technical test and have to go for the final interview.The interview was on the next day. I didn't prepare anything for the interview. Someone told me that it will be more technical than HR. Anyway, I was not ready to preapre for it. So the interview went on.
A surprise again................ When everyone was interviewed for more than half an hour, I was interviewed only for 20 minutes. And there was nothing technical.
The HR manager told us that the results will be announced on monday through email. Days went and only on friday, I got the real surprise............ I got selected. I am placed. The offer letter will be reaching my mailbox anytime soon.

"Life is full of surprises. You loose them when you try to find one. Be where you are and they will come after you as a surprise."
heeeee.... How is my quote??????

Monday, December 8, 2003

Two days in Hogwarts

An unforgettable experience in the last two days. We had a two day workshop by Mr.Suresh Punjabi from Coimbatore regarding Campus recruitment training. The two days went like a breeze. All the 45 participants enjoyed every part of it with full enthusiasm. The best part is that he made everyone of us including me, dancing on the stage. We really enjoyed it.The way he really attracted is that he divided us into groups and awarded points for saying right answers, being punctual and many things like that. Every time he would say, "10 points to Team no: 1", I remember Aldus Dumbledore saying "10 points to Griffindor" to Harry Potter. One strange coincidence is that Mr.Suresh Punjabi also had a beard (though not much long) and also he told us that he was teaching magic to us most of the time. It really amazed me.
After the workshop is over, we danced again and sang a song and took photographs with him. An amazingly talented person indeed he is.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

The search

My mobile beeped. It was a message from my sister. She asked me to suggest a name for her new born baby. We, computer engineers made the internet as our companion to solve this task. A team was formed. Me and my friends Anoop, Tirupur, Gokul, Naveen, Sateesh went drilling the net to get new names. My sister has also laid a constraint. The word must start with pa, pe, ta, or to.
That left half of the tamil words out of the choice. Padma... no its old. Tirupur suggested Pallavi and got a blow on his head for his stupid suggestion. Pavitra.. Priya... Bala.... and so on. Vani who came online in the middle suggested strange names like Tina, Tanya.. Tanusri. "Thank God! She didn't suggest Toshiba!", said Tirupur.

The fun continued for more than 2 hours everyone trying to recollect their favorite names which may be their relatives or girl friends or even l..... The final names taken for next round of consideration are....

  • Sushruthi
  • Preethi
  • Prajusha
  • Praveena
  • Brindha
  • Dhanya
  • Priyanka
  • Tanushri - Beautiful
  • Aswini
  • Archana
  • Praneeta

My sister is busy reviewing the names now...And we armed with the net are still working on finding more cute names for this cute little baby

UPDATE: Pooja is a cute little girl of 2 years old now

Monday, December 1, 2003

A day with my friend

After a very long time, I met my school friend Karthikeyan.V. He came to pollachi in the morning. Together we went around pollachi for the whole day, chatting along the streets, recollecting our pleasent school days. Went to a browsing centre inspite we have 2 MBps leased line inside the college and went to the cinema JJ after which he left back to Tirupur. A rememberable day it is.

Friday, November 28, 2003

My first blog

Great to start my blog mentioning a service that I did to the society. Today first in my life time I donated blood in our college. I felt proud about myself. Sometime later, I will be a little reason behind the saving of a person's life and he will pray for me. And thats matter the most to anyone in life, Getting wishes from someone you never know. A great start I should say.