Monday, May 26, 2008

Shortlived Liberation

As the wind blew over her.
A lifetime chance to the hair.
Bringing them to her cheeks so near,
The destiny that only held by tears.
She brushed them behind the ears,
Back to the place where they were.
Everyone but one escaped -
Staying in its dream place.
But not for long it could,
For a hand reached and moved.
Sending it back to all the others;
Smashing away all its prowess.
He couldn't resist for a silly hair
to block the heavenly stare.

Attention please

You did notice not
that hurt I was.
When will you realise?
It left me suffer
With a scar forever.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New roommate to the extreme!

I agree, I have had worse shocking moments before and I have met people from the completely opposite side of my world. I have friends who vaguely remember Mario as a coin collecting game. And worse, Pac man is someone who packs the gifts for the post man. I used to grind my teeth hard and squeeze out the stress buster in those moments of pain and disbelief.
But come on. You can't ask me who Prince of Persia is. For a guy who carried a stick and jumped over the roof of closely built houses in our village just to imitate the great savior of the damsel in distress, asking such a question explodes the arteries pumping the blood fast out of my heart. Had I not been reading about the next installment of POP Saga: Heir Apparent from Game Informer magazine, I would have gone to the kitchen, heat the pan and keep my fingers over it to test if this is some nightmare? It makes me doubt if the dooms day have arrived when no good is known to humans. But I withheld the pain within myself and answered him explaining the legends of the great hero of the computer gaming industry very calmly.
And do you know why? After watching the movie "Forbidden Kingdom" last week, he asked me who "Jackie Lee" is. I could have beaten myself to death, but was saved as he corrected himself that he know "Jackie Chan" but not the other monkey hero( Jet Li).

I still need to understand that the world is so diverse and there exists people in such far extremes from us.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tour de Atlanta on a Pontiac - The Perfect Start

A perfectly planned tour is not possible for me to plan. Best example was our New Year Eve's plan to go to a beach and enjoy the night while they lower the huge silver ball into the sea. But we were planning for a long time that we ended up being kicked out of the dance floor from a local pub. From that day, I decided to let things happen on its own and enjoy whats in the store. And trust me, it is always fun. Now consider the last weekend trip to Atlanta. We talked about the tour on Wednesday; cancelled it on Thursday and again decided to go on Friday afternoon. And it happened to be one of the best tours in US.
On Wednesday, when I and S who had come to Charlotte recently were just talking, S suggested a trip to near by place. A call was made to R and was told that we will be in Atlanta for the weekend. Cancelling all his important assignments like "sleep for 16 hrs", "chat for 20 hrs" and "don’t see the sunlight for 2 days", he agreed. But on the next day, R was given a transfer out of Atlanta. And we believed it. We did not think that he was trying to avoid us. But the good soul in him woke up again on Friday and there I was renting a Pontiac G6 for our 250 mile drive to Atlanta. "This is going to be fun", I said.
It was a perfect start with a thrilling ride. We started late as usual around 8:30 PM instead of the planned 6:00PM. With S insisting that she will drive first, I took the maximum risk and seated tight in the passenger seat. And though it was night, the day already looked bright as lost the way. For people who don’t know me, getting lost on the way is de-facto for every trip. And that happens even when we have a GPS speaking out the directions in a female voice. Like every other man on the planet, I always find it very difficult to listen to women and I take the wrong turn at least once in every trip. It is funny that even a computer generated female voice proves to be female that it never finds the easiest path to get back on the track. May be women hate saying U-turns. It is always their turn for everything. That is why they ask you to drive a mile and go for a circle through deserted roads and woods before finally bringing back to the road at least 5 miles behind. But I did not realize that S would also do the same. Waiting for Exit 10B, we forgot to take Exit 10 and had to go through woods before we took a U-turn as we noticed huge trucks and scary drivers blocking the way. Luckily, we did not run over any stranger and no axe yielding hitchhiker crossed our path. It is heartening that we have not got any letter saying "I know what you did last weekend". At 8:30 PM we had our dinner in Burger King, thanks to S for insisting that she will pay for the dinner out of her violet colored wallet. With food done, we continued the travel again. But this time, it was a safe journey with me behind the wheels. So by 12:14 AM, 30 mins ahead of the schedule, GPS brought us the good news "We are at the destination". The only problem was that we were stuck at the back of red-brick walled building which did not appear to be R's home. And there we go again to denote that we are in the perfect trip getting lost again with the GPS.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apple and Orange - Words do slip sometimes

There are places where we say things without any thoughts. Deliberate or unintentional, Apple's words always ends in trouble with Orange.

Scene 1:
Apple just changed to the driver's seat which was occupied by Orange earlier and is adjusting the rear-view mirrors. Orange is sitting back in the rear seat of the car complaining about her back pain. Banana is seated in the passenger's seat in the front.
Orange: My back is paining a lot.
Banana: Were you carrying anything yesterday?
Apple finds that all the mirrors are in the wrong position.
Apple: (Completely unaware of the current conversation) MAN!!!
Orange: KABOOM! (hits Apple)
Apple: Adingada. Aana ethuku adikireenganu sollitu adeengada (Vadivelu style)

Scene 2:
Orange: Hey look! They are drawing Caricatures.
Apple: Forget it! How about taking a photo of you?
Orange: POW!

Scene 3:
Orange: (to a good looking stranger) If you dont mind, can you take a photo for me?
Stranger with a big smile takes the photo of Apple, Orange and Banana
Banana: In this huge crowd, how come girls always lend the camera only to "good-looking guys"
Orange: Why? If it were you, you would give it to some "cute-girl"
Apple: Why the hell would I do that? ( thinking "I would probably ask her to join me in the photo")
Orange: BANG! (thinking "I know what you are thinking")

Scene 4:
Apple: Did you notice that X is the only single girl in our group.
Orange: Hmmm.... (then thinks)..... you forgot about me.
Apple: *chuckles* yeah! I forgot you are a girl.
Orange: DOOM!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Apple and Orange - Being Happy or Enjoying Life

This is what happens when Apple who have just come out of home to taste burgers in the free world talks with Orange who enjoys burgers more than bajji and been in Uncle Sam's land for a long time.

Apple: it was so nice at college..
it was so nice in india.
Orange: yeah
it will be so nice in US too
Apple: i want to go bak home
Orange: go home after the project
Apple: when do u have plans to return?
one of my other friend also is here..he si also not returning..
why do u wnat to miss everything and come here......dont u want to see ur family and friends?
Orange: we are visiting family and friends
the point is even in India, we dont happen to meet them much
so it doesnt make much difference
think how many times we have spoken when you were in chennai and me in bangalore
and family too somehow seems ok
Apple: i miss everyone a lot
Orange: who is in everyone?
Apple: family and friends at office...
that friendly work environment
its so lonely
Orange: may be because this is a new change, you are feeling like that
i am just wondering how different you felt after marriage
there would be some difference
might take time to understand and adjust
this is also similar
Apple: might be.....
Orange: it is
but you are right
you might not find same level of friends here
but life goes on
Apple: yesterday we went and put
clothes for laundry
Orange: oh
Apple: thats beside our guy approached us
and he was speaking for hours.
he is from hyd
Orange: oh
Apple: and did his masters here and workd here and he also tells that theres no one to speak to here
he is here for 4 years and still feels lonely
Orange: even i am lonely
Apple: but ur happy
Orange: i cant say i am happy
i can say i am enjoying here
true happiness is different
Apple: whats the diff
Orange: enjoying is momentory
happiness is everlasting memory
Apple: ofcourse...but can u enjoy when u r not happy?
Orange: do you get the difference now
why not
just for example
when unhappy
people drink
drinking doesnt bring happiness but it is an enjoyment to them
Apple: thats a diff story
Orange: something that makes things easier for them
enjoyment eases life
Apple: thats there,,
Orange: happiness is something rare these days
Apple: why
Orange: not sure
Apple: at chennai, i use to fight and quarrel with Pine-apple almost every day..but still i was happy
Orange: but its kinda difficult to be happy here
Apple: now i am problems..but no people around me..
Orange: you know what
Apple: wht
Orange: we dont feel happiness if we dont have people to share
Apple: exactly
Orange: i think thats the reason
Apple: very true......
Orange: even if we get everything, if it is known only to you, you never feel it
Apple: :)
Orange: so whats the point
whats the catch
Apple: donno.........
atleast i am speaking with you........
Apple: yeah..we speak to everyone and laugh...but thats all not true..some sort of disguise..
Orange: not disguise
but limited
Apple: yes.....
only school and college friends last.........
Orange: cant say
Apple: i got another friend at office..he was pretty close...and now everything has changed.
Orange: i dont have much touch with my school friends
very few
Orange: college too many things changed
office... i know few who i can trust more than college or school friends
Apple: atleast a few people like Banana....
Orange: so its different
people like Banana remain the same
Apple: everything is changing....except a very few..
and i am really praying that those few should not change
Orange: everything changes
you can just pray that change is minimal that you can handle

*The conversation is posted only after getting approval from both Apple and Orange.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too Many To Remember

How can so many important events happen on a single day in one's life? Yesterday was one such day. It started with me waking up as usual at 9:00 AM. But whats weird is that I thought it is a weekend and decided to sleep more. If it is not for my colleague who called with the morning alarm at 10AM, I would have never realized that I have to be in office today. With the weather and many other reasons overruling my decision to walk to office for the past few days, today happened to be bright and I started my commitment to walk to office everyday. And so I reached the office at 11 AM which was about the right time my manager came looking for me for a meeting. He is still not aware of my earliness to office. (Sarcasm intended). And so after the meeting went fine, to prove that is not so any other day, my manager wanted to talk in private with me and blew up the obvious but frightening news that he wants me to help in composing a song for the blind here whose belief is that if they cant see the instruments then no one is playing music. It was hard time convincing him that I have seen musical notes only in cartoons. But still he was not convinced and appreciated me that I can make my own tunes. With this episode hanging in the middle, it was surprising when we found that it was our client manager's birthday and I had to go to Costco to buy a cake. And there I was walking back to home and drove the car to Costco delaying my lunch by 2 hrs. But still, things were different today that the Veggie Sub in Quiznos actually tasted good for the first time. Afternoon was also not normal with one of my few long-time visitor of this blog and one who I thought knows me better commented that I am writing philosophical and romantic stuff these days which is so unusual of me. To my question whether I look like a nerd with long weird hair and bifocal lenses with no sense for sentiments, the answer came to be YES. I am having tough time on whether to take that as a compliment or not. Not to be forgotten for the day was the photo I took with the Vice President not of the United States but still of our client. The only problem was that I had to face the computer screen while she was standing behind me facing the camera. So good luck to everyone finding my back in this month's corporate magazine.
Soon bored by the photo shoots in office, I returned home for an early sleep but ended up watching a Telugu movie. Before you can question, I would like to say that I watched it from an Original DVD that was brought from India. I even had to advise my baggage-packing roommate on the size of his cabin baggage. And not finding a measuring tape to decide how much 61cms is, I found the box of the garbage bag and it measured up to 51cms there by proving his bag was definitely 70cms or more and is outside the Airlines restriction of the size of cabin baggage. Another distinguishing fact for the day was that I cut cabbage instead of the usual onions for dinner. But as usual, my roommate prepared the dinner while I just ate them. And if you think all these are so stupid and could happen on any other day, hear this. I cracked the mind of someone who believed can never be undisturbed by my mails daily for more than two weeks. The funny part was "that person" vent out the frustration at another person who just happened to be in a place closer than me. I am glad that things were not so sluggish and it was good to have something to blog about.