Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let the guns talk - Last Man Falling

.... continued from Let The Guns Talk

Oh God!
Grant me the power to finish what I started.
Grant me the will to hold my weapons till the end.
Grant me the strength to be the last to fall.

I watched those unprepared eyes not expecting whats going to happen. Talking the same as yesterday and the same as the day before. "Good luck" I said. They heard it. They turned around. Soon enough to know who said it. But not soon enough to know why I said it. I wished them luck to die without pain. Only luck, the unreliable that never comes when you wanted could save them from the painful death. I raised my guns. No particular target to talk, the bullets fired all around the room. They spoke swift and gentle taking the breathe away one by one. There was no place to hide in this room. Nor did they have the time. Even reaching for the gun was seconds away from what was available to them before my weapons tore their heart away. I laughed aloud as I gave way for my guns to do the talking. The sound of the laugh overwhelming the gun shots suppressing the cries of the dead-to-be. Merv fell down as the metal broke his skull and went deep inside his brain. He never stood up again. I gave one to his heart to make it stop. Waste of bullet. Because I know it has already stopped. His dead eyes stared with fear and will remain the same forever. Quick one to raise the gun was Sliz. The exception I forgot to include with the chit chat. My negligence met with a bullet on my arm. And one above the chest. My heart was still healthy. I returned fire aiming for hers. The time was on my side and the bullets reached her heart side. Ironic, I said it reached her heart as if she has one. She dropped the gun shuddering as the blood found a new way out. I stay corrected. It reached her heart as if she had one. Happy I was for a split second. But came rushing to my heart was the ammo from the hole of Vincento's gun. My guns returned the favor by reflex. He fell down still breathing. I clutched my chest trying to stop the blood. Come on! What is the need to rush? Hold on for some more time. It will all be over. It is almost over. I surveyed the room for life. Death surrounded life inside. Blood all over the place added confusion to my count. Only two souls left. One of them was mine. The other lay against the wall across the room waiting for the last moments.
I decided to kneel down. Time to take rest. I have to hold on for some more minutes. I dropped the guns that were hotter than hell. I know that is the place where everyone was sent. Oh God! They say we will relive our entire past life in the last few minutes of our life. I do not want them. Grant me few more seconds to live the current life instead. I prayed with my eyes closed.
And then the door opened. I knew it is the angel that has walked in. The angel that had once been mine. The one for which I owe everything. The one who changed paths and crossed to the unreachable side of the river. The one I could not watch leaving me alone. Its strange. Its strange that my dying heart hopes for something that it knows would not happen. It wanted her to hold me again. A tear from her eyes dropping over it healing the pain like the Phoenix. One last kiss before I let out my breathe for the last time. My heart is becoming weak losing the strength slowly and longing for love in this lost world. She went towards his side instead. She held him closer killing me more. The raging blood could no longer hold inside my body. I wished to die. But things are not yet done and I waited for those moments to come. But then he died. Happiness knew no bound in my dimming soul. His eyes closed before his lips could reach hers. The last kiss did not reach him alive. What is the point of taking pills after you are dead? The dead remains the dead. I laughed with what is left of me.
She dropped his body and walked back to me. She had a gun in her hand. I raised my head longing to see the face for one last time. The face was calm with no emotion in sight. The gun pointed to my head, she stared deep into my eyes. I returned it with smile. She readied the gun to finish off what I started. It is good to die in the hands of the one who longed to live for. But I had different plans for her. The clock ticked as it went down to zero. I decided not to leave her alone in this cruel world. The bomb around my waist would bring us together again. Her emotionless face showed anger. Seeing my smile, it raised a doubt inside her slowly turning to fear. As fear grew it caused panic and was all over her. "It is time", I said still smiling. "See you in hell".

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life in the Book shelf

I am just a novel
Trying to become an epic
Dreaming to be a poem
But mostly end up .... a comic strip

Monday, April 21, 2008

A new beginning

I know you are sad
I see you are hurt
The pain in your eyes
while looking at the skies
Staring into the night
Hoping for the sight
The moon that amazed you
And the stars around too

They are gone for the day
What do you think I can say
Only memories you hold
lasting inside you untold
But dont you lose your heart
This is just a new start
Things have really changed
The golden rays rearranged

Shining the world so bright
Covered the grass with light
Now it is for you to choose
Not willing to lose
holding to the past
You know it cannot last
Or raise your head again
Something new begins to rain

Life goes on and on
End is nothing but begone
Death or fate it is
that brought you this
Sometimes we fight back
Sometimes we have to forget
Its better to move ahead
Listen to what I just said

Everything moves never still
how you live is your own will
Feel around you the breeze
Smell the scent in your breathe
Everything you are challenged
will one day be answered
Believe me. The world is yours!
Now rule it with your power.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pirates of the WorldWideWeb

With almost everything possible in the internet, and though everything is available through internet, not everything have made way to us legally. Now don’t imagine any weird stuff that does not fit to the conscience of my wide range of readers (I could count them from 1 to 10). I am talking about the copyright violations. Many might not even know that not every eBook is free on the internet and when you download something you might actually be stealing it without the Author or Publisher's notice. And it might be surprising for you to find that people actually SELL e-books for money on the net. If you are disappointed by this, don’t think it is a joke when I tell you that the MP3 songs collection of 5 GB that you downloaded from the net can also be illegal. This is another reason why many of your favorite music websites like Raaga and esnips allows you only to stream songs and not download them. There can be exceptions depending upon the copyright principles of the author. Now don’t ask me, if streaming is legal. I am yet to find it out. You might call me a liar when I say that my house owner in UK who did not know that you can download songs for free in the net. Thanks to music store like iTunes that brought the cost of songs to 99cents which is easily affordable to everyone, they did not have to go to the illegal sites at all.

So do I think starting an online music store for India can help in bringing down piracy? That is a tricky question to answer. Let’s say any song is available for download for 2 rupees. A movie on an average with 6 songs will cost 12 rupees compared to 35 or more for an Original audio CD. But do you think we will be happy paying 12 rupees when you can get it for free somewhere else? That’s a moral question everyone should think of. If you ask me, I would pay. But I have always been a weird thinker against the rest of the world and I cannot answer for the rest. (Read my opinion on Satman's What if theory) So there is need for different campaigns to make people go legal. One idea that I believe would work is by creating promotions like "Buy 1 Get 1 free" or "3 songs for 10 rupees". Portal owners can even use the "Aadi" and "Diwali" celebrations and give 10 to 50% discount for downloading songs. Or Shopkeepers selling garments can even give it for free with saris and dress materials. I would love to hear comments like "Get Surya songs free with Surya shirts or "Hear Shreya's songs while wearing our Shreya saris." May not be saris. Which heroine wears sari these days.
And not to forget the US and UK desi’s delight "Online Movies" portal are also against the law. What’s more, several copyright protection agencies are trying hard to close down these sites. But Internet being a free world, this is so far an impossible task to them. But we are seeing many websites like movieforumz being shutdown for the same reason. The tricky part is to bend the cyber rules. If the rule says that it is illegal to host or upload pirated movies in the net, there are some smart sites which just link themselves to the videos already hosted on the net. This is more like
"I did not break into the house.
I just misplaced the goods from the already broken house".
And there is another group of portals, who will host songs and movies with a disclaimer.
"All the media we host are for preview only.
Please buy the original DVD if you like them,
so that the original author is not affected"
And apart from movies, we see this disclaimer a lot on the warez sites which lets you download software’s. Aren't they providing a social service by advertising the author's work? May be they are over advertising by running the whole movie instead of the trailer.

Ok. Now you would be having the million dollar question in your mind. "What about you? Aren't you the one who actually told me about the fast metallic screen website (name obviously hidden) that links Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows and even cartoons on the net?" I will just answer "No comments!" to you. But I do have Blockbuster account for watching English movies of my choice. I am trying hard to be pure as much as possible in this dark world. And I am vowed not to buy pirated movie DVDs as long as the original ones are available to my reach. But it is difficult to find original DVDS of Indian movies in US and that has been my excuse. So if I had to stop using my excuses and if we are to bring an end to the illegal activities, (Kindly not the IF) we must work together in changing ourselves for cleaning up the wild internet.

As a first step, I have decided not to watch any more English movies on the net illegally from my system. This is limited to viewing the movies through streaming and does not include the movies that can be downloaded completely before watching them. And please note this decision is no way related to the closure of all the movie hosting sites that I know or the poor speed of Veoh and Megavideo networks and is definitely not related to me unable to find any good movies in the internet.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Second Chance

Axel stared into the darkness of the park. There was no one to be seen. Things were getting bored today. By this time, yesterday, he had beaten up the guy who was wearing large spectacles and a white shirt. He hated white but the guy wouldn't take his shirt off when he asked him to. Axel had to tear it away with the knife while he was still wearing it. The shirt was completely red soaked in blood at the end. Billy got benefited 50 bucks from his wallet. But they left the watch as it was broken by the baseball bat that hit his wrist. Axel never did it for money. It was only Billy who is interested in money. And Cujo stood and barked most of the time. It occasionally gets the chance to bite when some one tries to run. But today things looked so different. Billy was getting tired playing fetch with Cujo. Even Cujo was tired fetching the stick. He stopping giving the stick back to Billy and instead lied down next to Axel who leaned over the tree waiting for someone that he would hate. It was always easy to find someone he would hate. He hated everyone. Billy sat next to him and started playing with his knife. The night was getting cold and they were getting restless. Axel looked far and saw the light from the Church clock. It struck once. It is one hour past midnight. And then, Cujo stood up and barked.
He sounded furious which meant only one thing. Axel is going to hate the one who ever it is coming on the way. They stood and walked towards the stranger. He appeared young and was coming straight towards them obviously not expecting their company. Watching them approach, he stopped his walk and looked at them. To Axel, everyone did the same thinking whether to run or not. And many make the wrong decision of running back. But today, the guy started to walk again, towards them. "This guy has some guts" said Billy laughing and walked fast eager to have fun. They reached close while he seemed not to notice them blocking the way. Billy pulled his collars back as he tried to get past their shoulders and pushed him to the ground. "What is a prick like you doing out here, huh?" Billy shouted while raising the baseball bat from his back. The stranger just stood up silently. He glanced towards Cujo who was barking and then to Billy and then looked towards Axel and spoke. "If you were given a second chance, what would you do?" Axel could see only his blue eyes in the dark. They stood distinct from the darkness and appeared staring straight into him. Billy raised the bat and yelled "You think you are a smart....", and hit the bat over his stomach making him fall down again in an instant. Axel took the metal rod from his jacket ready to have a nice time. The stranger raised slowly from the ground and stared back again at Axel. Then he took a step back slowly. Even though it was dark, Axel could see that the guy was not frightened. His blue eyes were blank and silent. As much as Axel moved towards him, he would move a step backward, but slowly increasing his pace and at one moment, he started to run. Axel unleashed Cujo from his grip and Cujo was glad to get some fun at last. It started to chase while Axel and Billy followed running behind. They ran long until they reached the gate at the north end of the park. The guy opened the gate and ran outside followed by Cujo leaving Billy and Axel far behind. Before they could reach the gate, they heard a whimpering sound of Cujo in pain. Feeling alarmed, Billy and Axel ran fast to the gate and found it to be locked. They could see Cujo sitting not far from the gate while he stood there just about 5 feet away. Cujo was looking up at him. "Cujo, get him boy!!!" shouted Billy. Cujo looked towards Billy and turned back again as he advanced. "Get him Cujo! Take the flesh out of him" Billy continued to shout. Cujo slowly tried to get up and limped back. His left hind legs moved as if it is not attached to the body. Axel saw blood on the ground next to Cujo. Then suddenly, there was a blow from the guy who was holding a wooden plank. Cujo wailed for a second twitching his legs back and forth before becoming still. Billy was furious seeing the sight and ran towards the other exit on the left.
Axel stood shocked on what just happened. He clutched the gate trying to open it. The stranger walked slowly towards the gate. The street lights were far and shadowed his face. He moved closer to Axel who stood on the other side of the gate. Axel could see that he was no more than 20 years old. But there was no innocent look on his face either. His face beamed bright now without any expression of anger or sorrow. Billy found the exit and holding his bat, he sneaked slowly behind him. Axel could see that Billy was no more than 10 feet from them. Then the stranger smiled. In a fraction of a second before Axel or Billy could realize, he threw the wood straight to Billy's knees. Billy caught unaware stumbled down to the ground. The boy turned back to Axel and smiled again who screamed in anger. Billy was slowly trying to get up and he raised himself to his hurt knees. The knees were sure broken as he cried in pain. The boy turned and faced Billy again who looked at him with fear. He walked towards Billy and took the baseball bat lying next to him. He positioned himself to his left and raised the bat as if ready for the swing in the game. Axel screamed rocking the gate trying to open it but of no use. The stranger looked back towards Axel and asked again. "If you were given a second chance, what would you do?" Then he swung the bat hard hitting straight over Billy's neck. The sound of a broken bone came out and Billy fell without any movement. Everything froze for a second for Axel.
The town clock struck once. It is one hour past midnight and Cujo started to bark making Axel come out of the slumber. There was someone coming towards them. Billy stood up while Axel started thinking of what would happen next. Cujo was barking louder. Billy looked at Axel in confusion. "Come on! Its our day". Then he saw the stranger and he could see the blue eyes staring into him. "Wait!" Axel said, "It is not our guy". Billy shook his head in disappointment and threw the stick for Cujo to fetch. The stranger turned towards Axel while he crossed their path and left silently.
"If you were given a second chance, what would you do?" Axel thought.
"I would take the pass"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In this Weird World - Happy Endings

Happy endings in movies
coz Life is meant to be
Or People like to see

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reading myself

I thought I can
read others' mind.
But then I met you.
I read mine.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Song of my heart

Once upon a time, there lived a honey bee in a healthy honey comb on top branches of an oak tree. All his friends called him as Nectar. Nectar is a happy loving bee and always sang and danced with everyone. Though he was young, he cared for others and helped his colony in all ways. As he is a worker bee, his work is to bring honey from the flowers in the nearby Garden. He is very active and would fly singing his favorite song and enjoyed his work. He was happy that he is helping in the growth of his family, because for a honey comb, work from each and every small bee is equally important and the little honey that each bee brings back will count when filled together.

One day, when Nectar flew to the garden, he saw a small caterpillar on a cabbage leaf. It was so small and was trying to climb high on the leaves. Trying to help, Nectar went down and talked with the caterpillar whose name was Rainbow. Soon, Rainbow and Nectar became very good friends and Nectar would fly down every day to talk with Rainbow. They would sing songs together all the time and would help Rainbow in finding the best leaves to eat. Nectar's friends did not like Rainbow as it was small and lazy eating the leaves all the time. Nectar liked Rainbow very much that he took Rainbow to the oak leaves and they can sang all the time. But the Oak leaves are hard and it was not tasteful for Rainbow. Days passed with Rainbow not eating properly and became sick. Nectar though loved Rainbow very much knew that caterpillars must feed on cabbage leaves and took Rainbow back to the cabbage leaves. When his colony moved to another oak tree far from the garden, he left hoping that Rainbow will learn to live better there.

Weeks passed and Nectar got busy working for his colony harder than ever and was again loved by everyone. He started singing his favorite songs every day. Though he always thought of Rainbow, he never went to the garden. He wanted Rainbow to live freely and did not want to disturb. But he always felt Rainbow would be sad without him and would not eat the leaves properly. So after many more weeks, he finally decided to go back to the Garden. He was eager to see his friend grown to a large caterpillar. He flew through rivers, hills and forest towards the Garden. After 5 days, he reached the place. The Garden looked very different and there were no cabbage leaves. Nectar got scared and kept circling the garden trying to find Rainbow. But he was not able to find Rainbow anywhere. He became sad but hoped that Rainbow would have moved on to a better place. On his way back, he saw a Garden full of colorful roses. The roses were so pretty. So he went to take some honey for the colony. When he was collecting honey, the breeze blew over the garden. It was then, he heard the voice of Rainbow singing a new song. Feeling happy, the roses also started to sing a song. Surprised, he asked the rose who taught them the song. The rose said it was Rainbow. Rose told Nectar that Rainbow can always be seen over the Red rose at the center of the garden.

Happy to hear about Rainbow, he flew across the rose garden trying to find the Red rose. He got hurt by the thorns on the way. But still he flew and found the red rose. He called loudly for Rainbow but there was no reply. Nectar got scared as the leaves of rose plant were sharp and hard like Oak leaves. He was afraid that Rainbow will not be able to eat these leaves. And then he saw Rainbow on the top of the rose. But it was not caterpillar anymore. He was surprised to find Rainbow has grown to a beautiful butterfly and was feeding on honey instead of leaves. Rainbow also had wings of 7 colors that shined in front of the bright sun. He flew high to the flower smiling and stood infront of Rainbow. But Rainbow could not recognize Nectar. Rainbow has changed and found a new way to live. Whatever Nectar imagined of Rainbow was not seen now. He started singing Rainbow's favorite song. But there was no reply. Rainbow had forgotten the old songs too. Not understanding what Nectar was singing about, Rainbow, the butterfly flew away leaving Nectar singing the song alone.

Holding the past,
Not knowing the weather changes,
Longing for the same breeze
You return to the Garden,
Only to find the wind blows
In a far away place
To sing some other song
For someone else.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday TP - Born to rule the world

Born on the day of fools
Guided me in everything what I am
I regret we couldnt be together today
Unable to greet you directly
Praying things will go back to normal
Wishing you the best on
Everything you wish everyday
On your own special day!

Happy Birthday Brother!

Did I make you a fool?

When the calendar reads April 1st,
On the day for making fools,
If I say I am in love with a girl
But all stories I had written
are never meant about her,
Did I make you a fool?