Friday, August 24, 2007

What-if theory

It all started with Satman’s “What if” theory which is “thought-while-not-working-during-work” theory to me. It is a crazy thought, but also a delight to the majority kind disliking the word called “work”.

The “What if” or “TWNWDW” theory states,

“In a not-so-realisitic world, there exists beings of two kinds, one getting paid for not doing any work and the other paid the same money for doing work, provided one is given a choice to choose between the two eccentric kinds.”

In simple terms, people can choose whether or not to work, though they will be paid the same either way. And the question he throws at you is “Which kind will you choose?”

As a person who believes in working not only for money, I will choose the latter kind obviously.
Though this might sound foolish to the other kind, before you get to answer the question, let us understand the theory in detail.

If persons of both kinds are paid the same regardless of doing work or not, then the money paid to the latter kind cannot be accounted for the work he does. Therefore money is not paid for doing work in this “what-if” world.
A person who chooses the latter kind will not be paid in money. But even in the “what-if” world, as the beings we are discussing about are only humans, there is always some benefit expected out of work. Remember there is nothing in the world called social service, because it avoids monetary benefits only. As the “What-if” theory talks only about the monetary benefits, there is an expectation on non-monetary benefits for doing work which the latter kind alone enjoys. This still makes the person on the latter kind getting better life in this “What-if” world.

As this explanation raised voices from the “I-like-money-with-no-work” communities, a new theory was created as advancement to the “what-if” theory. This is called “equi-benefitial what-if” theory.
You can provide your inputs, arguments, discussions and choice on the “what-if” theory now. We will discuss the “EB what-if” theory later.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Renaissance - Akil

It is not something that can be considered coincidental. It is far from coincidence as much as it is far from related. But could it really have a reason. A purpose to keep it in a place where it is least expected and that too for an audience who will never have a clue what they are looking at. May be this is like easter eggs in software like a pin ball game in office 2000 or Star wars movie in Windows XP. But I couldnt rule this out as an easter egg too for there is a justifiable explanation that can be applied here.

I was watching this movie "Renaissance", a Computer animated gripping scifi movie. It uses motion capture for the whole movie and was created in 6 years. The movie was set in the year 2054 and the place is Paris, France. In the era when animators are trying to add more colors and effects to the animations to make them more realistic, this movie plays completely in black and white. Please note, it has only two colors and not any grayscale. So its almost in 2D. An inner look into the production makes us realise that they have worked hard to produce the movie in two colors as much as they would have worked to produce in colors. All said about the production, it was not any of these that intrigued me the most. It was just few seconds in the early part of the movie that raised my eyes. Just see for yourself and you will surely open your mouth in awe.

[+/-] Specialis Revelio

How in the name of Akathiyar, did those tamil letters came to this animated movie. Was it just a careless choice of bitmaps for the background or is it because they want to stress the importance of Tamil language to the world. We all know Tamil is one of the oldest(or the oldest) literary language in the world and has survived so many centuries. But does this picture tells us that will last in the world to spread out to far reaches? Or does it have any significant meaning? This is what I can make out of the frame.

Sa Re Ga Ma Akil Dream's Akil

"Sa Re Ga Ma" is a music company brand name.
But I cant find any movie or album by name "Akil"
Neither can I find any producer called "Dream's".

Yet all of them look familiar.

Could this be some clue to the greatest secret in the history of mankind? Please help me out in this unsolved mystery. We might really bring out a new renaissance to this world.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Number 23

The story of obsession of the number 23 passes on to each of its readers and viewers. They will realise the curse has fallen on them as they realise that their life is surrounded and controlled by the enigmatic number. Its no coincidence. Numbers dont appear by coincedence. Coincidence is a humanic term to understand things which happen beyond our understanding. The number 23 has too many hidden secrets within them. It is not like any other number for it contains the first two prime numbers and remains itself as a prime number. If that is not enough,2/3 =.666 which is the sign of the devil.

You might ask why this obsession all of a sudden? I tell you, this is not an obsession. It is the realisation of the truth. Its a search to understand how much you are enslaved by that number. But the search began when I watched the movie "Number 23". Though the movie was not scary, the number remained the most chilling part from the start. Every scene makes your eyes tried to find that horrific number, such that when we near the end of the movie, the room number 318 appears as 31-8=23.

The world became scarier than ever when I realised that my apartment number is 203.
There are few more things that terrified me.

  • * The movie completed at 12:10 AM. 12:10 AM can be read as 24:10 which is 24-1-0=23.
  • * I realised this when the clock changed to 12:11 AM. 12+11=23
    I was frightened to the bone and I picked up the glass of water which was 2/3 full. 2/3 = 23.
  • * We are living in a 2 bed room house and there are 3 persons in total which gives 23.
  • * My roll number in college is 2KCS13. Take the first and last digits. It becomes 23.
  • * My SSN was approved on July 23rd.
  • * My friend's birthday is on August 23rd.
  • * The 23rd post in my blog is titled "The Final".
  • * It is about the college project which we did using Nokia 3310 mobile. 33-10=23.
  • * Assign numbers from zero to all alphabets in ascending order, If added for my name,
    JEYKUMAR = 9+4+24+10+20+12+0+17=96=96/3=32. Reverse of 32 is 23.
  • * JEY = 9+4+24=37
    KUMAR = 10+20+12+0+17 = 1+0+2+0+1+2+0+1+7 = 14
    which gives 37-14=23.
  • * I am posting this message at 1:33 AM. 33-1=32 which is reverse of 23.
  • * The published date of this post shows as 9:23 PM in my blog.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Just us, if

If it is just us.....

It seems like an awful waste of space!

What am I talking about?
Tell me in the comments.