Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At world's end.... the party is over!

I am just back from the visit to Captain Jack Sparrow. And yeah! I saw Captain Barbarosa too.. and of course... Davy Jones on the way. Not to forget the coffee I had with Lord Cutler Beckett. Also there was this Will Turner trying to free his father. But he was sailing in the Flying dutchman. While returning I saw Elizabeth Swann with the Locker. I asked her what it is. She said that its her heart's heart. Couldnt understand what she meant. Even Tia Dalma didnt have any answer. One person I couldnt meet was Governer Swann. He was killed before I could reach England. Captain Sao Feng was kind enough to lend me a ship for the meeting of the nine pirate lords. Thats where I met the father of Captain Jack Sparrow. But he did not speak much. Just opened a huge book and read something to the crowd. Atlast King Miss Elizabeth Swann ordered all the pirates to go to war against the British. So they all went to war though only the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman were fighting in the whirlpool. All went fine and while returning back I saw Captain Jack Sparrow again in his small boat with the compass that pointed to his rum and then to a long journey ahead. I just dont want to see more of Jack Sparrow for sometime. Seeing too many of him and with all those weird creatures created by computer graphics makes me sea sick. But I assure you that it was a wonderful adventure being in the Carribean.

Summary: A good entertainer with too many casts put in. Lacks a good story line. But who cares. Be Jack Sparrow. He never cares. Or does he? No one to tell.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chronicles of Injeria - Squash, lights and the Gym door

It was like so many movies where they show a house which you newly occupy and you thought you know all over the place, but then you find a door which is always rumored about, but you never know till that time. After staying in our house in Charlotte for about 5 months, I always thought I know the apartment well. (Though there is still a path which I have never used. But we will talk about that later) And our apartment complex is a simple one. Mailbox near the entrance. A small gym and a laundry to the left of the mailbox and a swimming pool with 4 feet max depth beside that. Not to forget they are still getting the pool ready for summer though summer is here already. I hope it will be ready when its summer. The office lies behind our apartment in the deisgn of a roman building with pillars and there are apartment buildings all around us. So obviously there was nothing else to see. Atleast thats what I thought before Sripathy called me and asked me for the key to the Squash court in our apartments. Sripathy actually lives in his own house very far from our place. So we were little confused how he would know about our apartment. But I was wondering if the rumors were true and a secret squash court indeed lay hidden. The secret door to the squash court was found behind the Information office and to our surprise it got opened with our key to the Gym. So there really is some conspiracy behind (inside) this place. Then it hit me.

[+/-] Specialis Revelio

There is some reason for that roman pillars. Why would an Apartment office in US have roman Pillars? Also there must be something about the swimming pool next to the apartment office which is always kept dry. But while I was trying to figure out the mystery, Sripathy and Ravinder had already started to play Squash. I understood the game very quickly. All they were doing is hitting the ball on the wall. No wonder, the ball was small. It had too much exercise than the players as it kept running all over the place, hitting all the sides and came back to the player who hits it when it comes to their reach. After watching the game for sometime, I got the feeling that I can become a squash player easily. This is one game where you wont have any net or the umpire calling "out". Its always "in". I like that. Then the chance came for me to play. Once I entered the court and closed the glass door behind, there was this strange feeling around me. A perfectly normal looking apartment having office with Roman pillars and a swimming pool which is always dry and there is a cube shaped room where you look yourselves up to hit the ball on the wall. Thats something like 1+2+3 <> 3 and its a mystery. Thats when Viswa hit the ball on the wall, and it bounced from the wall and came towards me. I have to take that ball now. It pitched on the ground once and came right towards my reach and I raised the racket to send the ball back to the ball. And it happened. The lights went off suddenly before I could hit the ball. There was sudden darkness and I realised that it went past me, because it hit the wall at the back. But the ball was no where to be seen as it was pitch dark. The mystery deepened with all the lights except the ones inside the court lit up and I had to leave the place without playing squash. May be the day has not yet arrived to reveal the secret behind the Roman pillars and dry swimming pool.

Monday, May 7, 2007

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Spider man 3 - The dark one

Spidey suffers from the same infection as most of the third part of triology movies suffered. Take X-men, The Matrix, Harry Potter and many more movies. You will find the third part of the movie to be the least favorable one. I am afraid Spidey will be in the same state. But that is just my speculation. We have to wait and see how it goes.

After much anticipation and counting the days for the realease, we booked the tickets for the movie on May 4th 11:45 PM in IMAX theatre. I was thrilled seeing the movie in the huge IMAX screen. So we went to the movie and when we came out of the theatre, I was really irritated not by the movie but IMAX. The problem was that the screeen was so huge and its in the shape of a dome that we couldnt see the entire screen during the fight sequences. It was like being inside the scene where your eye sight is limited to the center alone. So when the spirder man starts swinging from the left of the screen, before I can see him clearly, he goes off the screen in the right and I have to spend most of the time turning my head.

Now lets talk about the movie.
[+/-] Specialis Revelio

Bad things first:
1. Tobey Maguire looks like a kid when he cries. He actually cries like a kid who doesnt want to go to school.
2. Too many characters. So obviously they were not able to give proper time to each character in the movie.
3. Spidey suit looks old. I think they used the same suit that they created for Spiderman 2.
4. They could have left Venom for the next movie with more time given to the black suit. Sometimes you feel, the black suit works only for few scenes. Rest its the same good old Spiderman.
5. Spiderman - Hero of the people????? How did "Daily Bugle" allow that to happen?
6. New Goblin could have lived for the sequel. It would have been cool to see Spidey fighting along with Goblin.

Good things as we know:
1. This spin is really going to make you dizzy. Amazing camera movements.
2. Brilliant action sequences. The first fight between Spiderman and New Goblin is in single word "Awesome"
3. As usual, tried for a good story line.
4. Too many villians. My favorite one too - Black suit. Cant argue with the line "How long can a hero fight darkness until he finds it in himself"
5. Last action sequences. The animators have done the job very well.
6. Promise that there will be a sequel.

Overall, its really a good entertainment movie though they could have done better by reducing the number of characters and more importance to the story line.

And looking at the introuction of Inspecter Stacy and her daughter Gwen Stacy, they better include Carnage as the villian in the next movie.

"How long can a hero fight darkness until he finds it in himself"
Answer: Till the movie ends.
Go! Spidey! Go!