Thursday, August 31, 2006

Follow your Instincts!?

My brain was suspicious. But my mind hesitated. I could be wrong and it will be embarrassing not only for me but for the other person too. But what if my instincts are correct? They say we should follow our instincts. But I am really worried about following that now. The question "What if I am wrong?" was bothering me again and again. I raised my face towards his direction and I saw him standing in the crowd again. He also noticed me. I pretended that I was looking at someone else behind him. With my brain still trying to make some logical reasons for me to think I might be right, my mind tried to do what it does best. Move away the thought and get distracted to something else. With the clock ticking, the train reached the second station. Should I get down of the train? No. That would be foolish. But who cares? Everyone will think that it's my stop. But won't I be fooling myself. Or is this a selfish act. Yeah. It will be a selfish act and also an irresponsible one. I saw him again. My instincts were telling that I am right. I don't want to be right. I shouldn't be. I hoped that I am wrong. He looked young. Must be below 25 years of age and wears the long kurta with a woolen sweater. The more the thought that he can't be one of them, the more I got suspicious that I might be right. After all, you can never expect how a person like him would look like. I have never met someone like him for real. Or I hope I haven't. My stop came. I was still confused what to do. I just got down of the train slowly. I said to myself tht I am wrong about that guy. He can't be. The announcement went on repeating "If you find anything suspicious please report it to the member of the staff immediately". Should I report about him? I dismissed the idea and went to my office. I felt ashamed that my instincts might have been correct, but still I risked the life of 1000 passengers including me. The next day, I checked the news. There was no incident of bomb blasts or terrorist attack in the trains. I felt relieved. I was wrong. He was not a terrorist.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Part of life

My fellow treatfreak Ramesh posted this message in our orkut community.
Ramesh: I was in Hyderabad, but i was away from all fellow treat freaks ...But i'm now in japan talking to them more frequentlyu or as frequwntly as we were in Bnglre ...It seems that distance from aussie tojapan to uk to Us accross the world is shrinking ...Guys wht do u say ......:D
And here is my thought on it.
INJEY: Neither the world is shrinking nor the personal space coming closer. Its just the part of life. Being in offshore, we had lot of responsibilities. I mean it. We had lot of responsibilities. Weekdays are always working hours. And limited connectivity to the internet too. And in weekends, who wanted to sit infront of the computer (except me) and wait for the friends to come online. Everyone wanted a change. Now most of us are in onsite, the need for communication has increased. With connected to the internet and the long gap of less communication, has moved us in the cycle. we are back here trying to contact each other a lot. After sometime, this will come to a optimal level and stabilise. May be it will go for a fall. But it will raise again. Its all part of life.
Am I preaching????? ha ha. What to do. Sitting infront of the computer as usual today.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stone soup

To the highest level of surprise for me, Shariq said that we can make sandwich at home. Shariq is my new housemate in London. He is a guy from UP. To tell about him, he believes that he still lives in India. For him, food means spicy hot curry with lot of masala and pulses in it. Anything else like burger or bread is a side dish. And most importantly he thinks vegetarian food is a speciality that we can once in a while. He is always at such a high level of diversification from my views yet I like to make fun of him most of the time. Coming to the story, he always discourages at the idea of having sandwich for a complete meal. But that day, he himself suggested we can make sandwiches. So with much enthusiasm I entered the kitchen. Though I like cooking, I rarely try it. He asked me to cut vegetables first. We looked into the fridge to find what vegetables we have. There were few potatoes, onions and carrot. Now the biggest question is what we should use for the sandwich. While I was wondering what to make, Shariq suggested mixing some masala powders to the vegetable mix. Oops. Here we go again. "Shariq, sandwich is supposed to be plain vegetables. Not your curry masala in it". He came back with his usual reply, "It will be good and it's healthy. We can make aloo baaji too". I know where this is going. It will end up in some potato curry and we will have to eat the curry with bread. It will not be a sandwich. His name for this idea was "Indian Sandwich". I wonder if that's another name for "Shariq's masala baaji bread". My dreams of having a vegetable sandwich started evaporating. Determined not to leave my dream, we had an argument in which he said he will show me how to cook. Oh oh. I can just recall the old story "Stone Soup".

Somehow I managed to make his mind to work on cooking sandwich and not sabji. It took sometime for me to explain him that Sandwich is different from sabji. But still his recipe for the filling went on with masala powders and included chillies too. And to add more on that, we were frying the vegetables. I thought he is teaching me how to make stone soup. After an hour of cooking, we finally made the vegetable mix. It was neither a salad nor a curry. And we stuffed it inside bread along with ketchup. With triangular slices of sandwich stacked on the plate, we started the dinner watching the movie "The memento". I felt that I am having sandwich at last. Good day that it didn't turned to be chicken soup instead of stone soup

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Kangaroo on the flight




Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time

30th July. It comes every year and I will be at the centre of the stage. It's my birthday. Right from childhood, my birthday celebrations have all been big and wonderful. It will be a family union. Lots of calls with wishes before even saying Hello; Mom asking me to take oil bath; Myself and my sisters cutting the cake even though its my birthday only and the big breakfast and hefty lunch that follows. This is the way my Birthday celebrations will be every year. Birthdays in my School days had more memorable moments.

I like the part of distributing sweets to all the teachers in the School. Every class we enter, all the students will be singing the Birthday song. Sometimes I wonder if I should stay till they finish the song or not. But mostly looking at the staff who wants to continue class, I would leave as soon as she has taken the sweets. The most interesting part is keeping less number of chocolates in the box when going to the Nannies for they will take lot of sweets. We used to apply all our Mathematics skills to estimate the number of chocolates we have to buy and what to do with the chocolates left if any. That was great fun.

When I moved to college, the fun got changed from chocolates to treats. What is a birthday boy (or his friends) worth of if his wallet remains full at the end of the day! But something that I had in my previous birthdays at School wasn't there. Family! I couldn't go home on all my Birthdays in college days. I had fun with friends though. Every year, it would be different. Beginning from first year when I went to a temple and distributed chocolates to friends to the final year when I cut the cake at midnight and big treat to my friends in batches. :D. After leaving the college, the first birthday in office was really a wonderful one. The surprise party with 2 kg Black Forest cake from my friends, the big treat that followed with our college professor who happened to be in Bangalore on that day and of course, my first salary in my career given on that day.

More birthdays passed and the current year birthday was something to be remembered. It was my first Birthday outside India. The first confusion about celebrating birthday is when to celebrate. Should I consider the Indian Time Zone or English Time Zone? And the decision was to celebrate on both. :D. My dad wished me early midnight at Indian time and my friends started wishing from UK midnight time. There are more things to smile about this birthday. Not able to spend birthday with family for the last six years, I wished this should be different. And it was. The surprise party that the Copsley gang threw at me was wonderful. I know there would be a Birthday card from them. But I never thought there will be Chocolate cake. I don't even know when they bought it. To top it all, the presence of Kannan's father and mother gave a family touch on me. The group of 13 members which appeared as both family and friends gave me the happiness I wanted to start my birthday. And it was the first time (trust me) I had my cake applied all over my face. Not even in my college days, I had this experience. (I didn't like applying cake on face during college days). Blowing the candle and the birthday song that followed is a happy moment. And what's more surprising was the T-shirt presented to me. I wanted to buy a similar T-shirt and was looking for that on that same day. Though I couldn't find it, I got it from the Copsleys. Thanks to everyone for that. The day turned out just fine with playing my favourite games, watching Superman returns, replying to my friends' wishes on the net. Another birthday has passed and reminds me that not only I am growing older, but also I am growing more friends. Thanks guys.

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. Waiting patiently for the next birthday!