Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Dooms day


I survived the Dooms day


Looks like you survived it too. Congratulations!!!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Seeking the Da Vinci Code

Considered the most controversial book of the recent times got picturised by hollywood in the same name "The Da Vinci Code". As a person who got much interested in the book and have read it a number of times, I anticipated the movie release for a long time. Atlast it was released here.
Never seen a movie in theatre in UK, I was tempted much to watch this on the big screen. My search for the movie on the internet failed and I had to go to the theatre last week for 6.5 pounds. Was it worth?
The movie started very well with the events getting folded exactly as in the book. All characters are perfectly portrayed and each person has done well in their role. Few scenes are changed from the book and a feeling is created that a person who havent read the book will suspect even Langdon as the villain. The environment is made that you can suspect anyone to the Teacher. Silas character is very well explained giving a glimpse about his past also. Also Sophie touching the water with her feet and saying "Still cant walk in water" is a good humorous touch. But there are many things that disappoint the audience though. Langdon's lectures were reduced in the movie to few mins as they werent much important for the story. Many scenes from the book are missing especially the number of puzzles being shortened is disappointing. The music is very bad that it doesnt makes the audience feel the importance of the scenes. Captain Fache saying that he was tipped that Langdon is acting against God doesnt suit the story at all. Why was this change in storyline needed for the movie is a question unanswered.
Overall, it just appears as an adaption of the book and nothing better. Those who have read the book already can see the movie only once. For the rest, it will induce you to read the book.
Was it worth? No!