Monday, February 27, 2006

Reality is relativity

The world is not the same to everyone. Everything in the world is real to you only by the way you look at it. Even reality is considered with relativity. For someone, it exists. For others, it doesnt. Thats how the world works. Or atleast in my perspective.

This is something that can be applied for a lot of discussions. Right now, I am using this for one point. Existance of God. Am I talking too spiritual these days ;). Few days back, I had a discussion with a collegaue regarding religions. It started with Dan Brown novels and went towards Big bang(Angels and Demons), Bible(Da Vinci Code) and slowly towards Hinduism and even to Sai Baba. But nothing was about preachings of God. Its the perspective that we have towards God. I will save that talk for later use.

Now coming to the my point of view now, we see the world only through our own perspective. So if you believe that God had His work in the creation of universe, He had. If you disagree and take out God from the picture, there is no God. Its as simple as that. May be you can think, that I am just saying "Believe it or not. Its your choice". But I am not saying that. Choice is just made to avoid the confusion. Its just to make lives easier. Let me put it in another way. Just because we dont believe in something, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. May be we dont have much knowledge yet to understand them which helps us to believe them. Also, things dont just exist because we accept them blindly as we could not understand them.

So is there God? I cant say that. I am not enlightened to answer that question. But I like to think that God's creation of the universe can be accepted as a different perspective to the Scientific creation of the Universe. You call the big bang came with a sound which I think can be said as microwaves disrupting the matter and exploding the matter in the space. Vedas call the sound "Om". The sound that started the big bang. I have a lot to say that make me belive in what Vedas says. But I cant ignore Science too. I understand that what science calls by massive sound!! is called in some other way in religion. (I dont want to talk about Bible which says against Big Bang. To me, Bible is written by humans to group people towards God. It doesnt say the truth much).

So the point is you can see the world with or without God. Its all in your perspective. You can think that the earth revolves around the sun beacuse of some mathematical forumla that describes the momentum and velocity or you can think of the presence of God in it.

To make my statement more simple, think of Microsoft office. It can be thought as a software in Windows that helps you in your day to day activities. Or you can think it as ones and zeros written in a way that helps you store whatever you type in some other form of ones and zeros. Both refer to the same document and the application. But they have a different perspective. Think about it.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Science of God

This is an extract from which explains the big bang theory in God's perspective.

Its very interesting actually. I am not talking about God created the universe. We are childrens of God like that. Its just another perspective to look at. Read it if you want.

And the last lines chilled me. The abstract is talking about "A greater individual arsing from time to time, which is inferred as incarnation of God". But see one more word in this text. It talks about "One".

My thoughts are racing back to the words of the architect from "The Matrix Reloaded". Is Matrix really inferring this same thing!!!!! Were we taught about Vedas in the movie without our own knowledge. Looks true. Read for yourself!

The Big bang and Big–Collapse is banished from nature once for all. It is replaced by initial pulse [small –bang]. The first pulse of the Universe is located in a human life at the maximum point of evolution. New life to the Universe is located in the sacrifice of "I" factor. Every flow should have a leading point. The flow of the Universe there by evolution also should have a leading point. This leading point of evolution should lead us to new life because death cannot be end of evolution. This leading point and new life to the universe is located in a supreme being and his action. The birth of the universe and the first pulse of the universe are located on the Cross-, where "I", which is the cause of death is sacrificed. From the previous arguments [ see path to death] one can clearly conclude that this sacrifice was done in order to save the whole world. This point is the minimum point at which the gravity was maximum and the anti-gravity was minimum. Such a situation id forced on it by humanity, the individuated souls that exists to the left and right of the Central Soul. It is the "O" of the chancy chancy world.

The second coming of Jesus is the maximum point where Anti- gravity is maximum and gravity is minimum. It is the "One" of the chancy chancy world. The universe thus exists between two limits. At the minimum, "I" is sacrificed and at the maximum, "I" is expressed. Our universe should be viewed in a non-linear manner. At the maximum critical point a Great Attractor would develop, around which the universe would collapse into a new order. The whole exercise mingles science with age-old Philosophies. The intervention of the creator was necessitated because ordinary mortals cannot conquer the force of "I"

More in the webpage

Deja vu

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hidden truths

There are lot of things hidden in the internet. But it can never be hidden forever. Or to correctly put it, things cannot be hidden in the internet. It will surely show up in one way or the other.

I was searching for this hidden object for sometime in the internet. I know its there in the internet. But where is it? I dont know. What is the name of it? I dont know. It was a search where the keywords doesnt point it out directly. Though, I didnt try searching for it much, I was just wondering for a long time what it is and where it is. I know what it might look like, but couldnt be sure of it. Was it a blind search. No. I know it exists there. Somewhere where my eyes couldnt find. But I kept watching the internet for someday it may appear.

And all of a sudden and in such an unexpected situation, it appeared. And it appeared almost to my imagination. But with better and bolder expressions. The power was also so huge that I didnt expect its power go such an extent that kept me wondering and look at it for a long time.

So what is it???????

Find it out.

But I must tell you this. "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But I was looking for 'beholder' rather than the beauty itself"

PS: Also remember this. PS stands for Postscript

Best recipe

After my first lesson in cooking "How to make potato masala", I tried the next lesson. "How to cook rice". I know this might seem funny and simple, but I never thought it would be so simple. Seeing my daily lunch that had only chapathi and potato masala, one of my colleague gave me a good idea and thats the second lesson. To put the title precisely, it is "How to cook rice in microwave oven".

One cup rice + 2 cups water ---boiled at 650W for 12 mins-----> boiled rice

Thats the simple equation that covers the whole lesson. Wow! Thats easy.

But what about curry masala? I dont even know how to make sambhar.

Another simple idea.

Boiled rice + curd + pickle -> best food to have anytime.

Coooooooool. And it will always taste good as its only the rice you have cooked in it. So I tried it last weekend and it was great. Made rice in 12 mins and added with curd and pickle to get the best taste that my taste buds were longing for a long time. Now waiting for more recipes to master the art of cooking soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What am I doing

With every attempt to make this blog active, but I am not able to update it often as I am getting more and more work these days. With a team member missing here, I am held responsible for his work too. So I had to read mails that are chinese to me and have to answer the questions that looks like trignometric equations. While I am running around with these things, I thought I should atleast update the blog with this. So here is the message. I am getting busy more and more. Hope everything will be fine very soon. So am I saying "I dont have time."?

I just thought of a line from Matrix Reloaded.

Merovingian: Of course, who has time? But the question is "If you cant take time, how can you have time?"

Please take time to have time. Cause and affect. ;)

Monday, February 6, 2006

My cooking in UK

I tried cooking in UK for the first time. After having the breakfast prepared by the house mates, I wanted to cook on my own. Shades But what shall I make. I started with the best thing I know to make. French Toast. So I Started my purchase for cooking from Tesco. Tesco is like our Big bazzar. Its so huge that it covers the space occupied by 33 to 38 buildings in Infosys. 8) Running around the shop for more than an hour, I found where milk is displayed. But the only problem is there were Milk from different brands each ranging from 33pence to 1pound. And there is differentiation in the fat content of the milk too. Hurmph I took the cheapest one which is 33 pence. Then searching for eggs, I saw similar range of products from 6p to 12p per egg. With all the eggs looking alike, I was wondering if its the 12p eggs are from celebrity hen farms. Tongue So I went home after buying bread where I had to choose from 35p to 2 pounds. Atlast, I understood why Tesco is so big. It was like a outing in a huge musuem. Only thing is you can buy the products on display. With the plan to cook for evening snacks, I actually made French Toast for dinner. With all the housemates frightened cry to take my first ever cooking in UK, I had the toast myself while the rest enjoyed with their rice and aloo gobi.

Guess which tasted best. Thats mine! Wink

Thursday, February 2, 2006

New world

After staying in BnB hotel for 2 months here and paying twice as much the normal rent for a room, I got accomodation in another place for 420 pounds per month. Though its still costly, its much cheaper than before. Also there is a micorwave oven and a small fridge in my room itself. And of course, we have a neat kitchen, washing machime and dryer. Only problem is that there is no TV.

So there is no way to watch Friends and Just Shoot Me in the mornings and CSI, Deal or No Deal in the evenings. Things are going to be boring more. But anyway, I think I can cook my own food. Which again means, I am going to do some serious experiments on my own. I better start with some bread toasts which I am good at. This is going to be fun too.

And another big difference is now the office is 2 miles away and I cannot walk all the way everyday. Have to get a bus daily. My calculations for Bus fare is getting to 35 pounds per month. I am spending more on bus by saving money on rent. Also, I will miss the daily walk which was the only exercise for me here. So I have to do something to compensate that. Lets see how this new world goes.