Friday, January 14, 2005

Good news from Vinoth

I haven't updated my blog for a very long time, though a lot of interesting things have happened in this time. I was only lazy to update the blog. Every time, I think of updating the blog, I will not be sure where to start. There are lot of things that have happened and I don't know where to start.Wink

But right now, past is past. There is a more important thing to be told. Something that is very pleasant to know. It's about Vinoth. He at last got a good job with good scale. He is a very hard worker always trying to find a way to improve his career. But there are few things inside him that have been blocking his way all this time. Sometimes his technical skills... sometimes his communication skills. But all of us had confidence on his hard work. He started his career in a very low profile of software engineer in some unknown company in Chennai. It was not only the work that was useless but the living environment is itself was very bad for him. Never in his life had he had staying away from his parents or family. But then he was in Chennai working in a new environment which actually is a dreadful environment. He had to quit the job for there was very less scope of improvement there. He came back to Bangalore in search of a better job.

I still remember those days when I would go to office in the morning when he was still sleeping. He would then get ready for the usual job hunt.cry Forming a group with other job hunters, they would go around all software companies by walk and try to get in there just to give their resume. There was no luck though for sometime. Then one day, he got a call letter from a company which he couldn't remember getting his resume. Then he realised that he had given the resume to that company during the campus interview when he was in college. And this company is in Coimbatore.

So he went to Coimbatore to get his new job. He was selected easily.Big Smile They were impressed by his technical skills. But then, things were not fine for a long time. He found the work monotonous which is just writing some programs in Visual Basic. Also the job is not going to take him high enough for what he dreamt of. The job is said to be an internship and he won't be getting any salary certificate too. Whatever, the salary is just 3500. For a software engineer with BE degree this is very less.Angry But he had to be there to get some experience. So he stayed there for about 3 months trying for opportunities here and there. After a hard search and times, he got an offer from a company in Chennai. SmileThe salary was not good but the area is Business Intelligence and it's a promising area for the future. So he jumped on it very soon.

If this is what he wanted to be, it's not right. ShockedThe job was good. He was getting lot of experience and learning new things which are not only technical, but also managerial. For a person who is not familiar with the office politics and handling people, he found a lot of things to learn. How to get along with different minded persons, how to avoid being stabbed at the back, how to get the team together, how to do the job right. He learnt a lot. But there was always something that was bothering. HurmphWith everything good about the job, there was only one thing missing. The salary was less. It was summing up to 7000 rupees only. And net pay will be less than that. Looking for opportunities again, he went for a lot of interviews and tests with lot of companies, but he was rejected in one or the other. After a tough battle, he got the opportunity he had waited for a long time. He now got an offer from I-flex solutions with a good pay and a place that he feels happy about, Chennai. I wish him all the best for the success hereafter. All the best Vinoth.Angel

Monday, January 10, 2005

A birthday

Nothing can be worse than
forgetting your best friend's birthday and
when you remember it,
all that you could do is make a formal call,
tell your best wishes and
send a Good night message before sleep.
When you actually want to make the day
a very special one by celebrating to the heights.