Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thoughts that I heard and those I thought

Don't ask WHY?

Ask WHY and you will find reasons,
Ask WHY NOT and you will find solutions.

Last but not the least......

GOD. Yes I am.

Monday, May 16, 2005

XXX2: State of the Union - Review

It's the Jamesbond at his worst. After seeing the hit of XXX, they thought a sequel would also be a hit. Bad guess. This time, the story starts with an attack at the XXX base itself. Our XXX lead Samuel Jackson and his comedy sidekick, who imitates the gadget creator for Jamesbond alone escapes. Now they want a bigger XXX. Where do they go. They go to jail to pick up our hero who was working with Samuel in his military life. So, the XXX base itself relies on our hero from the start of the movie itself.
When the NSA starts investigating the XXX case, we can find a real smart guy leading it. You will easily wonder how can there be a smart person in NSA when ONLY our hero can be smart in this movie. Don't worry. Even NSA will fall to the knees of our hero at the later part of the movie. Now coming to the story, it's our bad guy, who was the commander of the team in which our XXX and XXX head worked is trying to take over USA. And he is now the Department of Defense minister. He is trying to kill the US president and blame it on the ex soldiers that includes XXX, XXX head and others. Cool idea. Even NSA cant do anything now. NSA smart guy also comes to our hero for help. First XXX head asked for help. Now NSA. Our hero is the only person who can save the nation. So, our hero with his friends fight against a huge army and save the US president and the nation. The end. The audience were killed anyway.

Things that you cant digest in the movie:

  • Racer boat flying in the air and landing on the bridge with our hero still holding the steering and not even showing any shock of the crash
  • Chasing a bullet train and using the rails to speed the car. Car owners hear this. Remove the rubber tubes and your car can run on rails.
  • When crashed into the train, our hero walks into the train with no sign of the fast wind that blows against him. Only the car can feel the wind and it blows up.
  • Why does a stupid NSA agent climb down to the train from a rope when he knows the enemies are armed. Is this what they call sacrifice and Passion. Stupidity
  • Last but not the least, do they keep Bazooka in helicopters????

Overall, the only person who will be happy to see this movie is our Super hero of Tamil film industry Vijayakanth. He has got the right director for his next action film.

Weekend in Hyderabad

Its the first weekend in Hyderabad. Staying in a completely different environment from my usual Bangalore, I felt wondering what I could do the two days without computer. Staying inside the room all the day is cruel for me. But walking in the hot sun is hell anyway. Surprisingly, the whole saturday went like a breeze with thinking about somthing lying in the hotel itself. And then came the sunday. Not ready to loose the whole day again, I set out to fight the heat with my sun glasses. I walked to my brother's home and succeeded in the fight against the sun. We had the strawberry sundae to cool us down against the day sun.
Happy lunch it was, we were chatting in the evening till it was time for my brother's friend to leave for chennai. So we set off to leave him in the bus stop and went for the ride towards the city. Atlast, I was back on my usual weekend, roaming without any specific destination. And here, we ended in PRASADS, the entertainment complex famous for the IMAX movie complex. Though we were not interested in watching movies that day, we just roamed around the shops and took snaps all over the place. We took photos infront of posters, shops and anywhere we think good. We even took photos eating snacks and we were having great time exploring the photography skills in us. Snaps went on and on with us saying cheese all the way till the camera said "No memory". We had to stop this time, as we have deleted most of the existing snaps that were already copied to the computer. Completed the day with snacks and snaps, we set back to home with the Pizza in one hand and Sprite on the other. Thats what I call a enjoying weekend.

Check the photos at

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rock-a-bye baby Prem

It's really a perfect time for treat. It's been a week since we had a treat. It is a loooooong gap for us. So when we were looking who is going to give the treat, I got a call from my cousin brother. It's good news. This top management guy who keeps on looking at the customer relationship has got a new relationship and he is promoted to Father. Now he has to learn to sing "Rock-a-bye baby" rather than making charts to his peers. Its time for him to change the baby's diapers than to change the projection charts for the day. A busy man commanding all the day at office is going to have sleepless nights listening to the crying of the baby. I am very happy to hear the news.

As delighted as I am, I sent the message along with my morning SMS forwards to all my friends. That's it. Before afternoon, I had an army invading my cubicle. The army consisted of Silpa, Veena, Ramesh and Gokul. That's a big army. I felt my base (pocket) trembling. As the army approached my cubicle, I understood their target. Treat. I tried to show a fight. But with the big army approaching, I was defenseless. First we had a small talk. I was not ready to surrender. I am not the person who should give treat today. It's my brother. I was trying to redirect the missiles to my brother. But the target couldn't be changed in those self guided missiles. Damn it. When I tried to put a fight, Gokul held me away from the system and Ramesh was writing a mail from my system. The mail was short and sweet. "Coffee Day treat today My Brother had a sweet baby boy…." The missile is sent and it hit the target. Mission complete. Happily they went to their base waiting for my surrender. And I did the same.

The treaty of new born baby party was formed by 5:00 PM and there was the treat in Amul. We enjoyed the party and we had a nice time as usual with me doing the honor of paying the bill. The funniest thing was we were shooting pictures with my new digital camera and I got the funniest cartoon faces that anyone may need (lighter side please). To add to the fun, Silpa took photos of me paying the bill. When we saw the photo, we were no where to be seen. There was only a girl in focus. And at last, after searching with a magnifying glass, we could see me and Ramesh at some corner in that photo. Great photography from Silpa. With all laughs and treat we left back to your cubicles thanking and wishing the new born baby who made everyone's day happier.

PS: I really wanted to give treat on this special occasion but I felt that I was not the right person as it was my brother who has to give the treat. That's why all this fuss. Welcome to this wonderful world by Nephew.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Sitting idle is a tough work for me. It's near to impossible. I got bored as the onsite server was offline today. Didn't have any work to do except checking the manuals. It was like a person who is living in a desert and never had seen more than a bucket of water writing a thesis on Art of swimming. Completely idiotic. I lost interest in reading it in few hours. So I decided to test the messaging network in the office. And surprising I had company who is also bored. It's our new team member Sai Ranjan. If anyone of you get bored in your office and you have msn messenger, you can try this. Start with the formal introduction. "Hai" "What are you doing" "any update?" When he was typing the reply, you can find the notification that he is typing a message on the status bar. Immediately send him the message "You are typing a message". His reply will be "yes". Then you send the message "you typed a message". When he tries to reply back, Check the status bar and send "You are typing a message". And when he finishes typing, send "You typed a message". Continue this as long he keeps messaging you. He may shout and scream. Cry and become mad. But you must never loose your neutral stands. All you can send is "You are typing a message" and "You have typed a message". May be when he types two messages faster, you can send "You typed two messages". If he tries to ignore your messages, you send "You are not typing a message". If he still doesn't reply back, try mailing with the same message on the subject line. He is sure get steam from his ears. This should keep you busy for hours. Try it now and get rid of the boredom in your office.


Thursday, April 7, 2005

Coming soon

I know I know. Its been a long time, since I blogged. I am bit busy (what else can I say for excuse). Even now, I am not ready to write any blog. So I will just run the trailers and teasers of the blogs that will be featured soon.

  • Techies on the pitch - Cricket match played within our department. My first cricket game in the office.
  • It's the time for Bangles – Sangeetha Anni Valakaapu
  • Treat strikes back – The ball of treat has returned to my court.. not to eat but to pay… the story that made the manager a financier for his success in the examinations.
  • Men don't talk and Women can't stop – a day with college friends
  • The stars are brighter – Secret
  • Movie review: Black – The color of someone's life
  • Movie review: Aviator – If dreaming is your Passion and making it real is your life
  • Black – The color of my monitor
  • Flashback: The cup of joy – The Cricket cup I held high in my school
  • Bus bus KSRTC bus – Waiting for the bus to take me home

So keep clicking this blog and I will back soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The judgement day

After more than a month of training whch was more like those good old college days, we had the tough and troublesome days of college, the exams. The comprehensive exams were not similar to our college exams in which stories and drawings can fetch you more marks. This is very different that needed more of your knowledge than more of ink in your pen. The exams coupled with the project with me as the project leader made me busy with my mind running between project and exams. With the project teaching me how to manage your project team, the exams were teaching me how to sharpen your knowledge. We also had to learn how to work on probabilities while choosing the correct answer in one mark questions.
With all the preparations set, we had the exams on last thursday and friday. Everything went fine until we started discussing the answers. I was thinking that I got Visual Basic and Oracle practicals test correct. When the discussion started things started showing larger holes in the baloon that made my marks pour out faster and faster. The two marks written test was nothing more than our college exam with everyone finishing it in 10 mins and waiting for the time to leave the hall. The one mark test was fun with each of us applying the probabilities to find whether to attend the question or not. If there is a chance of atleast 50% in getting the answer to the question right, answer the question. Or else apply the probability of loosing the mark by attending it. The probabilities went on and on and I attended 48 out of 50 questions with the remaining two having only 20% probability of getting the mark.
With the tests over, we had to wait till monday evening to get the results. And the results are out. Everyone bit their nails(if they have) or even other's hands because of tension(as they claimed so). I was cool as usual ready to face any thing that may come up. The cool face suddenly froze when I saw the marks of 85 in the screen. My eyes blinked. I was not sure if I saw it right. But anyway its just two numbers and I cant be wrong reading it. I was wearing glasses too. And I am way above reading the numbers properly. It is 85. I got A grade. That was a happier moment.
Suddenly some reminders flashed into my mind as I have promised many for a treat if I get A grade. And to Vijayalakshmi, I have promised one treat for every mark I get above 70. I made this promise to get two treats from her as she got 72. Oops.. Now she is going to ask for 15 treats. Anyway, for friends treats are fun. I like it. For I am accustomed in getting it from others very often. Off we go for a treat now.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Pray with Hope

Dice is rolled.

Cards are played.
Pawn has been moved.
Ball is bowled.
Swords are clashed..
Victory or Defeat..
We Pray with Hope

Compre results awaited.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Compre exam today

Trust your Skills.
Value your Knowledge.
Believe in Hardwork.
Aim for the Peak.

Compre is Here.
We never fear.
Let everyone Hear.
The Victory is Near.

All the Best!

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Think again

Project Leader's words:





"WHY NOT?????"







You think........

"Why can't he just DIE!"

He grins....


Wednesday, March 2, 2005

The lesson

Three days of duty,
Four hours of meetings,
Seven members as Resources,
Eight modules to Look at,
Nine days as deadline,
Ten times the hard work

Makes one Project leader
Learn hundred of skills.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Never curse your Project Leader

Never curse your Project Leader.
For they are the most troubled worried and sweared person in the project.
This time, it is myself, acting as the Project leader

for the Mock Project in our training.

After half an hour of meeting
Nothing came out fruitful except
My head started spinning
Trying to understand the client's requirements.
Praise the Lord!
Raise for the Project Leader!!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Treat, my Scooby-snack

"I will give you a treat in Coffee Day, if you do it", Sheeba said. "Treat", the magical word that will make me do anything. Its like a Scooby-snack to me, bringing new strength and power. I said "Deal".

Today evening, I am going to taste my favorite cake.

Me and Sheeba were arguing whom should call Hari, our module lead and tell about the document we prepared. It was not at all what he had expected and that was evident in his reply to our previous mail. Sheeba was trying every way to make me call him. But I was very much stubborn on not doing that until she told me those delicious words "I will give you a treat in Coffee Day, if you do it".

With the Scooby-snack ready, I solved the issue easily by making the call and telling him the news. "Treat" is just few feet away from me now. Then, I decided to play a game on Sheeba.
I asked Boopathi to ask her for a treat like she promised for me. Boopathi got into the act easily and started demanding Sheeba. Others who were listening to the conversation could easily pickup the magical word "treat" from it and the same became a multiplayer one with Karthik, Sreeja, Ramya and Ramesh getting into the act. With everyone aboard, its time for Sheeba to empty her purse. The treat was not that big to empty her debit card anyway. With Sheeba trying to sneak out of the plan, all of us surrounded her and stopped any chance of her escape.
No way to escape she atlast gave everyone of us a good treat in Coffee day. I tasted my cold "Black Forrest" Cake with the sight of hot steam from Sheeba's ears. I have to stay out of sight from Sheeba for at least 2 days if anyone really want me to see alive on the third day.

Moral: Nunalum than vaaiaal kaedum

Friday, January 14, 2005

Good news from Vinoth

I haven't updated my blog for a very long time, though a lot of interesting things have happened in this time. I was only lazy to update the blog. Every time, I think of updating the blog, I will not be sure where to start. There are lot of things that have happened and I don't know where to start.Wink

But right now, past is past. There is a more important thing to be told. Something that is very pleasant to know. It's about Vinoth. He at last got a good job with good scale. He is a very hard worker always trying to find a way to improve his career. But there are few things inside him that have been blocking his way all this time. Sometimes his technical skills... sometimes his communication skills. But all of us had confidence on his hard work. He started his career in a very low profile of software engineer in some unknown company in Chennai. It was not only the work that was useless but the living environment is itself was very bad for him. Never in his life had he had staying away from his parents or family. But then he was in Chennai working in a new environment which actually is a dreadful environment. He had to quit the job for there was very less scope of improvement there. He came back to Bangalore in search of a better job.

I still remember those days when I would go to office in the morning when he was still sleeping. He would then get ready for the usual job hunt.cry Forming a group with other job hunters, they would go around all software companies by walk and try to get in there just to give their resume. There was no luck though for sometime. Then one day, he got a call letter from a company which he couldn't remember getting his resume. Then he realised that he had given the resume to that company during the campus interview when he was in college. And this company is in Coimbatore.

So he went to Coimbatore to get his new job. He was selected easily.Big Smile They were impressed by his technical skills. But then, things were not fine for a long time. He found the work monotonous which is just writing some programs in Visual Basic. Also the job is not going to take him high enough for what he dreamt of. The job is said to be an internship and he won't be getting any salary certificate too. Whatever, the salary is just 3500. For a software engineer with BE degree this is very less.Angry But he had to be there to get some experience. So he stayed there for about 3 months trying for opportunities here and there. After a hard search and times, he got an offer from a company in Chennai. SmileThe salary was not good but the area is Business Intelligence and it's a promising area for the future. So he jumped on it very soon.

If this is what he wanted to be, it's not right. ShockedThe job was good. He was getting lot of experience and learning new things which are not only technical, but also managerial. For a person who is not familiar with the office politics and handling people, he found a lot of things to learn. How to get along with different minded persons, how to avoid being stabbed at the back, how to get the team together, how to do the job right. He learnt a lot. But there was always something that was bothering. HurmphWith everything good about the job, there was only one thing missing. The salary was less. It was summing up to 7000 rupees only. And net pay will be less than that. Looking for opportunities again, he went for a lot of interviews and tests with lot of companies, but he was rejected in one or the other. After a tough battle, he got the opportunity he had waited for a long time. He now got an offer from I-flex solutions with a good pay and a place that he feels happy about, Chennai. I wish him all the best for the success hereafter. All the best Vinoth.Angel

Monday, January 10, 2005

A birthday

Nothing can be worse than
forgetting your best friend's birthday and
when you remember it,
all that you could do is make a formal call,
tell your best wishes and
send a Good night message before sleep.
When you actually want to make the day
a very special one by celebrating to the heights.