Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Shocking news

This is a shocking news. A real shock. Electric shock. I felt like holding a wire with current passing through it. I wonder how many record breaks I have made in college. And this one is the master record, no one can break it for some time. This record shows that we are computer geeks and spend most of the days and nights starring the computer screen. We are using computers to the maximum. Our computers are running all the time. So what is the proof? The record is the proof. So what is the record? THE ELECTRICITY BILL FOR OUR ROOM THIS MONTH IS Rs.874.50. Thats the highest electricity bill paid by any hostel mate in the history of MCET.

As I have finished writing this blog, I am switching off my system. Bye. See you when I switch on the system.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Hostel day

Today we celebrated our hostel day. This is a celebration organised after so many years in the hostel. And its worth every bit. We enjoyed it completely. Similar to any function in our college, I got into the act of helping in organising the events. Me and veerasekar got the duty of organising the games in the morning. There were Eating competition, Pot breaking and Tug off war. The eating competition was really funny with competitiors eating more than 8 hostel idlis which they always hesitate to taste on other days. Tug off war became a real war with warriors making greatest strategies to win the game. We the final years were really smart that we made wonderful strategies to win the first round and we also made it. Anyhow, the strategies didn't work in the second round and we lost the match. Pot breaking never became success and not even a single person was able to hit the pot though a few came very close to it.

Culturals were in the evening and I wondered what to do as I am not participating in any of the events. Suddenly, I saw mini the MMTC camera man and he offered me a real good job thats suits me the best. He gave me the digital camera and asked me to help him in shooting photos during the entire session. I agreed it immedaitely and took on the job of Photographer. I was clicking on and on and covered every person invloved in the function. Before the culturals we had Tamil Debate from Thiru.Solomon Paapiya and we enjoyed it very much. The best part that interested me is my friend Subashini spoke in the debate. She was excellent in the speech and showed all her talents which made me wonder why we didn't realise of her talent before. Even the starting words from her were very sharp and hit the opponents very much. She gave a wonderful meaning for the howling word "Kadalai". That was fantabullous. One important thing I learnt taking photos is that a photographer is the only one who can move around the stage anywhere and any time he wants. I was moving through the stage freely and was standing in the middle of the stage for a long time. I felt as if I have become a great photographer. Ha ha ha ha........... Now someone there, please sayyy 'Cheeeeezeee'

Seven placed in Hexaware

Seven of my friends got placed in Hexaware Technologies. Anoop, Muthu, Vani, Soundarya, Vinodh, Vivek, Rajasekar got the job in Hexaware. We must feel proud that 7 out of 9 students got through the interview. Though myself not getting through the GD disapponts me, all those worries are forgotten when we hear our close friends placed in the company we dreamt to work with. Hats off to you guys and girls. They will all be seeing each other and enjoying the future together. I am afraid to face those days coming that I will have to face without you all. I will miss you so much. Anyway, I am sure we will always keep in touch with each other.Congrats......

Sunday, February 22, 2004

I lost my dream

There are moments in life that you never want to happen. They are something you never want to lose. Something that you were expecting a lot. Something that has been in your dreams for months. But something will not happen for all. I lost something I wanted the most. I lost my dream.Its campus interview from Hexaware Technologies in KCT. We are expecting the visit of Hexaware to our college before the starting of the last semester and we got the opportunity just now.

There were four steps.

  1. Aptitude test,
  2. Group discussion,
  3. Technical interview and
  4. HR interview.

I prepared well for the aptitude test. Though I was confident of my aptitude skills, I dont want to be over confident and kept on practising till the night before the campus interview.The day came and I wrote the test very well. Though I dont know some 10 to 20, I was sure that what I have did will mostly be correct and it seemed almost true. I cleared the aptitude test. Then came the worst part for me. Our group for GD contained toughest members like Huzefa, Darwin, Rupesh, Vani etc. Anyhow I was thinking of the GD sessions we had in our college and was sure of clearing the GD. ........................................................................... I really dont want to talk about what happened inside the GD hall. All I can say is I failed completely. I have to be blamed for my own loss. I lost my dream. I lost my dream of getting the job in Hexaware. The dream is lost.

But still in my inner mind, I have something that can get past these sorrowful things and make me work to the best path always. And I call it HOPE......I can easily recall the words of the Architect in the film The Matrix Reloaded, "Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness". I have Hope and I will win.

Sunday, February 8, 2004

Founders day

Founders day in our college became a party for us last night. Cultural programmes started by 7 in the evening and we all got our seats in the front. As the show started everyone was danceing. Staff tried to control us, but it was useless. Nobody took care of them. Then they came mechanical staffs. Still no chance of silence. Even our CSE HOD came. He also have to return in vain. But as long as he stood near us everyone was calm showing our respect to him. But soon he turned to leave we are back in excitement again.

All these time, I was just watching. I was not in the mood of dancing. Watching the dance. With all my friends dancing and blocking my view, I went straight infront of the stage to wath the show. Something shocked me. All the girls of my class are also dancing. And to add to the surprise the secretary wife was the one motivating the girls to dance. When the final years were called to the stage to perform a dance all of us including me went to the stage. I was somehow determined of dancing now. But as the final years gathered at the stage the stage was completely packed that left us no place for dancing. We stood for a while and returned back. The girls were smart.(Atleast this time). They formed a circle on the stage and started dancing. It was good. And the fun continued for the next dances also. Seemed everyone was enjoying by dancing and i was enjoyng by watching them dance. Haa haha hahaa.

Monday, February 2, 2004

The toughest job

Today afternoon, I found out the toughest job. Its not programming in machine language nor remembering the source code of linux kernel. Its WASHING. Oh my! I have not been to home for more than two weeks and the dirty dresses piled up to a small mountain in the hostel. Determined to wash it myself to save some money from laundry wash, I took the clothes in a bucket and armed myself with bar soap. First it was easy. A T-shirt, my shorts, my.... shirt...... sports t-shirt............ and so on. Slowly it became tiring. I was sweating as if I am lifting a huge boulder above my head. Phew! what is this? I couldn't even wash few sets of dress. After hard work for about 45 minutes, the washing was over. I thought of my mom who washes my clothes at home. I am wondering who is strong, me or my mom? Whatever the answer may be, I have to practice washing clothes or else I will be in BIG trouble when I go to work in Bangalore.

The duo party

The get together parties started some time earlier back. Tirupur was our first destination. Then Nithyanandhan's house. This time it was a duo. Two in one. Raja and Saravana gave a party in a combined manner. So on that great day, we went to udumalpet by bus. Bikes were waiting for us outside the bus stand. Raja, Ranjith and Logs brought their bikes to escort us safely to their home which was less than a kilometre distance from the bus stand. I heard a voice shouting that it will be nice to walk over to Raja house rather than driving. We all agreed with it like the goats follwing the other goat.

So the bikers picked a few of us not to return empty to their home. Then suddenly I realised what was happening. Sivalingam who actually suggested the walk was sitting in Raja's bike and he drove off. Oyeeeeeeeee!!!!!! We were shouting as Raja went fast. We decided to take care of Sivalingam after we get there. Rasna was waiting for us in the doorstep and we took two glasses saying that its a duo party so we must have two.
Then we saw the movies Kaaka kaaka and speedin Raja's computer. Enjoyed a lot. Lunch was waiting for us upstairs. We had it and anoop was sitting near me. I suddenly thought that I have to keep an eye on my plate or else something will get missing soon. But fortunately, it was not my plate and it was the dish in which the food was kept started missing its contents. And Anoop plate and stomatch are where it got smuggled. According to my calculations he had 5 cups of Paayasam still looking for more. But he was no match for another person sitting before me. One and only Ramakrishnan. Anbarasu just asked him why he was eating slowly. The reply was "I am on diet. I am just tasting the dishes". That threw the heart of everyone.After a great lunch, we went back to Raja's room and started watching movies again. There was some photos sessions there and we are all tired of eating. We relaxed for a bit.

Then Thakali called us to his for the night. So some of us went there while others had fun in the park. I really missed it a lot. Anyhow Raja's treat was too much for me. I felt that I ate too much that day. The food was delicious not only because of the spices in it but also because of the kindness with which it was served. Really a memorable day it was.